Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pyar hame kis mode pe le aya

What makes a movie so interesting? Any movie for that matter? What makes hundreds of thousands of people spend their hard earned money to sit and watch a movie be it in a theater or on pirated CD's. (By the way i am completely pro piracy. Nothing wrong in it i think. Have my reasons but that is a whole different blog material)

I happened to watch a movie yesterday night; and it made me think. Can you beleive it.. THINK!!! It was not the first time i watched a movie or its not the first time a movie has made me think. But this particular one made me think differently and hence this over flow of shit. ( I would say ideas or thoughts, but having started writing now, i feel that at the end of it, the whole writeup will not make any sense and hence prefer to call it shit)

Anyway firstly about the movie, the one i watched is called "My Autograph". Staring Sudeep (who is incidently the director of the movie as well ) whome i am a diehard fan (well, i am a diehard fan of lot of wierd people...) of and Meena and a few others who are not that important. I hear that this is a remake of a tamil movie and some claim that, that version is much much better but since i had not seen that version, it really didnt matter.

In the movie, the hero is shown to grow from a teenager to the time he gets married. During this phase, he is shown to be in love with 3 girls and the love stories end up sour. He is finally getting married to one other chick and he goes to invite all his pervious "loves" (or to sound more local, "lovers" or "doves" and since i like being local, i will use "lovers" henceforth) for the wedding. Its not that he does not love them anymore but the situation demands that he moves on with his life and get married to some other chick. (Man this character is funny... her first and only dialogue in the movie is "Nimdu love failure a? matte yake gadda shave madilla" meaning "Are you a failure in your love life? Then why haven't you shaved on your wedding day)

Well, i liked the movie cos i could relate to it very well. The hero goes to kerala, which i did. It was almost like being right there in the hero's shoes. Well thats what attracts us right. The whole point of a movie is that. The only way for them (as in the movie makers) to attract attention is to make a hero out of each and every one watching the movie. Make them feel the same emotions the hero is feeling, make the audience take the same decissions the hero takes. And i liked this so much cos i could relate to it very well.

One more thing that made me think is, the concept of love. Russel Peters in one of his comedy shows says, he does not want to married because he loves women too much; and if he gets married, then he will have to love woman, not women. Big difference right. Anyway in the end of the movie under consideration, all his former "lovers" are present at the scene. They come over and wish him for his step into new life. There is a wierd eye contact with each one of them as they are leaving, and we dont have a choice but to assume that he still loves them and they still love him but then thats life and they walk away.

So what is wrong in being in love with more than one person. Why not? This one thing that is a taboo, being in love with more than one person. And by this i dont mean the fatherly or motherly or sisterly love people talk about. (Talking about sisterly love, my god!! girls say this very nicely, "I looked at you like my brother" - That is sisterly love for you) Why cant a person love more than one person of the opposite sex, and still be accepted in the society? What is wrong with it? Why not?


micromysore said...

now tell me, who are those 3 ? look at the bright side, you will ultimately marry someone !!
AFA multi love concept, imagine you loving 3+ gals and those 3 loving another 3+ guys and do the math ..
diseases will spread like BONFIRE ;-) ..

tEjAs krIshnAmOOrthy said...

well the sad part is that educated people like you also find it so easy to equate love and sex.... on the contrarory, they are so much on a different plain... there are tonnes of ways of diseases spreading

micromysore said...

okies here is my take on this !!
Practically, even if you ended up sleeping with all 3. Who cares ? society ? when did you start worrying abut social effects/repurcussions ? Afterall at the end of the day, you do whatever you want do (well everyone does the same !!) ..

Anonymous said...

"Well said tej"...but the small problem here is can you accept it if these 'n' lucky girls you're in love with also are in 'love' with 'm' guys/girls/() each ?? And when I say 'love' it is just a quantization of your feelings with the hope of the smallest error and with it means different things for different people.
Otherwise I go with your argument :)

Barath said...

Dude...your spelling is atrocious. Dove is spelt 'Dowe' and Local is spelt 'Lokkal'...for that matter'Figure' is spelt 'Pigar' and 'Item' is spelt 'Itam'

Divya said...

hmm...interesting question...Why cant a person love more than one person of the opposite sex, and still be accepted in the society? Now thtas a paradox coz u can either love more than one or be accepted by the society. I believe society has been formed to try and organise things..its just like struts framewrok..u can always do it the other way . It is true that one can love more than one person at the same time but I guess we bestow exclusiveness to one's partner to assert the need of peace .... imagine u have 5 gfs at the same moment and all of them knew about each other..Either u 'd be left with none the very next moment or the fight over the privelidged male (thats u )starts. At the end of the day , everything has to follow the survival of the fittest theory. The rules of attraction are naturally integrated with ones self to fight for the perfect partner and leave him for noone else..Theres no rule which says "If u cant beat them join them" , its more like - if u cant have him , noone else should. thats y u always end up with one gf ..:)

Anonymous said...

.... AGREE AGREE & AGREE MORE with your idea. One should be allowed to be in love with more than one person!!! there ain't much difference between animals & humans right?
as far as your love life goes, Good Luck with that!!

tEjAs krIshnAmOOrthy said...

What about MY love life? Its none of your business tho, especially if you are anonymous, but in either case, none of your business but still, what about it??