Monday, April 09, 2007

Nodi swami navirodu heege - A movie review

I happened to watch lots of movies in the week end that passed. One that stood out was "Nodi Swami Nav Irodu Heege", a Shankar Nag, Arundati Nag, Ramesh Bhat, Master Manjunath starrer. These names may not mean to most people, but these are one of the few people in the kannada film industry who survived on sheer talent.

Every now and then, the kannada film industry comes up with amazing movies. Tho these are few and far between, some such movies are a master peice. This one is just that.

The movie lacks a strong story line or strong characters. Its just an amazingly well made movie. The movie revolves around "mysoor", shankar nags character, who also happens to be the cupid for the love story between "nagesh nuggehalli" (Ramesh Bhat) and "Jaya"(Arundathi Nag)... .Plain and simple love story between these guys, with apt humor at the right times, with a message at the end that for a relationship to work out, there needs a lot of adjustment and patience. Arundathi i thought was a much better actor tho... Have seen her in just one other movie but i guess she is not that good an actor anyway. (Arundathi wiki: Arundathi and Shankar Nag fell in love and got married on the sets of this movie supposedly)

This movie too has a sentimental touch attached with me. History goes that when I was a kid, i used to have long hair and used to look like how Master Manjunath looks in the movie. Also that I had become so popular that people used to call me "chotte munde de", the character of Master Manjunath.


Manjunath said...

Just a clarification. Shankar Nag had already married Arundati by the time this movie was shot. PS would love to see your child snap since I am the original Chotte



tEjAs krIshnAmOOrthy said...
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tEjAs krIshnAmOOrthy said...

Hey, if you are the real Master M, then i am a major fan of your sir... you are just amazing...

Anyway will look for my pic and post it accross.... I dont have one with me right now....

Sorry about the wrong facts... I basically assume that not too many people read my blogs and hence can pull off such incorrect information.... :)