Wednesday, April 18, 2007

music - ligament and all that jazz

A French goddess of Greek origin. Thats exactly what she was... A goddess!!! Those pretty large black eyes, her long silky hair, her out of the world smile was more than enough to get whatever she wanted. Over that she played the harp like it was a part of her body. The music just reverbrated in my ears as her fingures moved gently over the 47 stringed instrument... I was in love...

This was just the part of one of the most eventful week ends that went by. Met up a couple of friends and headed to this "FireFly Aashram" on kanakapura road. This was my first weekend with my car as well. So wanted to make it big. We left at around 7, after boring ourself to death at a friends place, where around 15 of us were supposed to meet up and leave from.

The drive was around an hour from the city, and once we took a detour from the main road, the road was dark and dusty and lonely and i really didnt know what i was supposed to be expecting at the festival.

The setting:

The stage was set up under a low grown banayan tree. It was an open air theater of sorts. The open air into the dark night gave the setting an added sense of freedom.

The music:

There were about 20 performances, which consisted of different forms of music, from jazz to greek, quawali to naama dholu kunitha. And ofcourse, my love... she was the best if you ask me.

The crowd:

The more i attend these music concerts in bangalore, the more i get impressed by the quality of the crowd. Just like the maiden concert, here were mostly people who really were interested in the music. There was lots of booze and grass and what not happening... but there was abslutely no misbehavior of any sort. There were foreign chicks all around but not one guy letching at them.

The end:

At around 4 in the morning, when the quawali was going on, i headed back out of the crowd to have a smoke. I had to get down from this high rise wall to get to a place that was away from all the people. I took a jump. I screwed my leg. AGAIN. What followed was a day of lack of sleep, a trip to the doctor, an x-ray, hinged knee braces and a visit to a family function where i got all the sympathy.... he he he....


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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I had an amazing last weekend, and thought of sharing it. I had been to a Music festival called Fire Flies. There were lots of group and one solo performance. The amphitheater stage was set under a huge tree lit with coloured lights and full of red berries.

We (group of 11 people) reached there in the evening at 7:00 pm and the show went on till 7:30 am the next morning !!

The first performance was a group performance with 3 people on the organ and a guitarist. They played Carnatic Jazz fusion along with some Raj Kumar songs. Then was a solo performance by Bernard Wacheux, a French violinist, who played jazz/gypsy music. I must say that was the worst performance of the whole show. And trust me Rahul its not my ignorance of foreign music. Many people felt so ;)

Other highlight of the show was Kawalli. The group played popular numbers like parda hai parda and dama dam mast kalandar.

Then there was this gorgeous French chick who played the Harp. Oh my God. The way she sung Hindu shlokas was just amazing.

Another worth mentioning performance was a group of 7 artists, all of whom were playing different instruments. There was first a jugalbandi among the seven, everyone trying to play the same tune(note, raga ?? ). But in the end when they all synchronized and played, I must say everyone got into a trance.

There were a couple of Jazz performances too. And then there was a Baul fusion group. Bauls constitute both a Bengali religious sect and a music tradition used as a vehicle to express Baul thought.

Another electric performance was Dollu Kunita, a Karnataka folk dance form, which was performed by 9 people with drums.

Much to my surprise and delight people were smoking up quite openly J

Overall it was a kick ass evening and you guys should definitely not miss it the next year.

So mark your calendar for the fireflies music festival in the second week of April and trust me you will have a good time.