Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is it life or the journey??

As I looked at him, his tired bloodshot eyes, sweaty forehead, a cigarette between his fingures trying to steer his 10 lac odd car inch my inch to what people call "home" I could hear what he was thinking as he hung up on a call.

"Fuck the manager. Fuck the project. Fuck everybody. I fuckin have to work till 10 in the night, without time to call my pregnent wife, and the fucker calls me to inform that there is a meeting at 9 tomorrow. Dont I have a life? Whats the point of owning that stupid car one of those movie stars advertises for when I have to drive bumper to bumper hoping those cab basturds dont scratch it.... Fuckin traffic jam on top of that.... At fuckin 1045... Awwwww what a life!!!"

Ya exactly!! What has life gotten now? Every person on the road that late in the night looked so sad and deperssed. Not ONE smile. Not one... Beleive me... I counted. This one guy on a faded blue Bajaj Chetak featuring one of those Red Ferrari helmet was probabally thinking...

"The bloody bitch is going to be waiting for me to get home so that she can start her nagging. What do I care if her brother-in-law has decided to run away from his wife? And why not, if he was trading a life for her sister. I wish I could do that too. And the bloody helmet on top of that. Awwwww what a life!!!"

There was this couple in a brand new Tata Indigo, one of those girly blue colours, relatively new, relatively dented. A relatively new husband and wife I could guess. She had all those bangles and all which those panjabi chicks wear. A layer of makeup and a bright salwar I noticed. Goodlooking is how I would define her. Anyway, new "couple" they were, night it was. I thought atleast there, there would be some romance flowing, some smiles flying around. No, there was none of that. The guy was, basically a rookie at driving was struggling to get the car move the inch it was supposed to move and the girl was looking out of the window thinking...

"Where the hell am I stuck. I am stuck all day at home with the bloody TV or cooking for this bloody joker who cant even drive a car for nuts. I ask him to take me out for dinner one day, and this is what I get? Bloody stuck in a car. What is my life coming to? Awwwww what a life!!!"

Its a sad scene in bangalore. There is so much money. So many software engineers. So many families. And some how there seems to be no happiness. All the happiness is gone. Gone far far away.

A smile just passed my lips, thinking of the everydays I am on my way back from work with all the problems of life in my head, probabally thinking to myself "Awwwww what a life!!!"


Priya said...

"Awww..what a life" for sure. At the end of the day, all these crazy tough times, just a moment in that big picture.

Nice once again Bro!
Keep Walking-J.Walker

Anonymous said...

Bangalore.. traffic!!!! hell of a place!!! love it all about that city..but leave me on ONE OF THOSE ROADS....I'd rather ...wanted to say, I'd rather die, but in that case I won't get too see you on the streets & that twist of a curve on the face saying, awwwwww wat a LIFE !!! :) Observer that you are!!!