Monday, June 04, 2007

fun with "Two malls and the full"

6 AM
"The journey begins"

As Sunil, Deepak and me left our home on a trip, we didnt know what was coming. We didnt want to know what was coming.
We just left... Just us and the car. Next pitstop - Mysore.

12 Noon
"The drive into the clouds"

The scroching afternoon sun, sunil at the wheel, all of us charged, having completed the first leg of our journey succesfully and starting off on the first important leg, towards the gods own country so to say. Clear blue skies, where the road ended. Bright white clouds somewhere at the end of the road it seemed. And we drove on into the clouds. But as we headed to the clouds, we realised we had lost our way. We actually didnt have a destination to reach, but the road seemed to go no where. No one knew where it would end. We had to do another 50 km back approximately. We had lunch and retraced back our 50 kms, only to realize that the map, the only source of information we had on our whereabouts was left in the restraunt we just got back from. It was decided to head on, and unlike men, this time we would ASK for directions.

11 PM
"A romantic walk with 2 Malls and a Full"

The day had almost ended. We had decided that we would stay in a place called "Lakkadi" for the night. But as we reached there at around sun set, we got to know that there is nothing to see there and there is no place to stay. So it was decided we would go to a beach, the main reason for this trip.... I wanted to see a beach.... It had been long. So we reached kozikod and checked into this hotel called "The Beach Hotel". Nice place with an ancient setting. AC rooms which overlooked a lawn which overlooked the beach.

As we had a drink, the first bit of alcohol on the trip and headed out to the beach, the scene was set. It was a full moon day, or atleast the moon looked full. The tides were relatively high I suppose, and the beach was lonely. As I walked in the beach, a little dizzy on the drink, a little tired of the drive, it just felt so nice. The waves coming and hitting the shore and the cool breeze blowing constantly, making music to the ears, the shadow of the moon somewhere far away in the sea, the sound of the drizzle that was hitting the ground, it was perfect. The most romantic setting that I had ever been in. The thing was that I was stuck with the two mallus on the beach and a full bottle of Royal Stag in the room. I passed on both.

12 AM
"Welcome to the jungle"

After an early morning walk on the beach at around 10 and a quick shower, we headed towards the silent valley. We had to choose between "Mahe" and this place but it was decided that we had seen the sea, now lets go check out the forests. The journey was amazing. We stoppoed at this small sidey place for lunch. 3 mallu unlimited meals, 2 fish fries, one beef fry, 2 cups of tea cost us a whopping 82 bucks. It was a very small price to pay for the quality of the meal. "Annadata sukhee bhava" Small roads into the jungles. It had become dark as we entered the denser part of the jungle. It was just brilliant. We got to this forest check post. We enquired about the safari thingie. We would have to come back tomorrow morning. It was too late for today. We got more information saying that there was no place to stay well. We had no place to go. Decided to first get our ass out of there.

11 PM
"Bang Bang and there she was gone"

We retired into our rooms in coimbator. Yup thats where we landed next. Why and how I have no clue. We just landed there. Thats all I know. Once we had a terrible meal, we decided to do something about our bottle of whisky. It had been with us 2 days, and hardly consumed. We got our glasses ready, ourselves in comfortable positions, cigarettes in place and suddenly out of the blue my had swiped the bottle to the ground. And the baby was gone!!!

12 Noon
"...But it rained"

Heading back, we had 2 choices. One was the super fast national highway to reach us home in like 6 hours. Other was thro ooty, a more treachous route and a round about one too. But ofcourse we chose tha later :). So we headed to ooty. Another amazing drive. Partly forests, partly mountain... and partly rain :). It was such a pleasure to see the rain. The forest suddenly looked fresh. It just completed the perfect picture. Awww what a wonderful world!!!

7 PM
"Go green till the finish!!!"

We left my house in mysore at around 630. Destination was bangalore. But we ended up in greens. One of the most romatic places I have ever been to. Greens is this hotel in mysore. Its called "The Green Hotel". Open to the air, lots and lots of space, amazing lighting and the best part is no music. We had our coffees and left for bangalore. First time I was driving bangalore mysore at that hour. Just about dark and everyone in a hurry to get back home. And I was in a hurry too. Was just too tired. I needed to hit the bed. And so I ripped... Schumi style. Amazing fun driving a car as fast as it can take you, lighting up the streets on the way.

Total Distance covered : 1489 kms
Total Time of the trip : 3 days, 2 nights
Places saw/visited : None


Madhavi said...

I'm glad the Green exists still. You had said its about to be shut down! All i can say is - you continue to amaze me and make me smile with lines like

>Awww what a wonderful world!!!

>It was a full moon day, or atleast the moon looked full.

>Amazing fun driving a car as fast as it can take you, lighting up the streets on the way.

I feels so happpie..... truly!


Anonymous said...

You picturesque, i felt the sand under my feet at the beach, felt the water sprinkle through the window of the car on to the face, the lush green.. beauty beauty.. more of it..
& sorry about the baby though! glad for some reason!