Monday, June 11, 2007

Cold Romance!!!!!

This is an excerpt from "Oceans Eleven", a scene in which Tess will be waiting for Terry her boyfriend when Danny, her ex-husband touches he shoulder from behind

DANNY: Hello, Tess.

TESS: You are 30 seconds late. (She looks around. Its not Terry. Its Danny)

TESS: What are you doing here?

DANNY: I'm out.

TESS: Out?

DANNY: Of prison. Remember? I went for cigarettes and didn't come back.

TESS: I don't smoke. Don't sit.

DANNY: SupposedIy I paid my debt to society.

TESS: Funny, I never got a cheque.

DANNY: You're not wearing your ring.

TESS: I sold it. I don't have a husband or didn't you get the papers?

DANNY: My last day inside, I told you I'd write.

TESS: Danny, go now before--

DANNY: Before what? Benedict?

DANNY: (To the waiter) How you doing? Whiskey and whiskey.

DANNY: You're doing a great job at the museum. The Yermeer is quite good. Vibrant! But his work fell off later.

TESS: Remind you of anyone?

DANNY: I always confuse Monet and Manet. Which one married his mistress?

TESS: Monet.

DANNY: And Manet had syphllis.

TESS: They also painted occasionally.

DANNY: All right, I'll make this quick. I came here for you. I want to get on with my life. I want you with me.

TESS: You're a thief and a llar.

DANNY: I only lied about being a thief. I don't do that now.

TESS: -Steal?


TESS: I'm with someone who doesn't have to make that kind of distinction.

DANNY: He's clear on both.

TESS: You have a problem.

DANNY: Only one?

TESS: You've met too many peopIe like you. I'm with Terry now.

DANNY: Does he make you laugh?

TESS: He doesn't make me cry. People you steal from have insurance. They get made whole again. I left New York to escape what happened. Can I get five years back?

DANNY: What you can do is not throw the rest of the

TESS: You don't know anything.

DANNY: You don't love me, you're with someone else, fine. I have to live with that. But not him.

TESS: Just like an ex-husband.

DANNY: I'm not joking Tess

TESS: I'm not Iaughing Danny

TESS: There's a confllct of interest when you giye me advice about my love life.

DANNY: But that doesn't mean I'm wrong.

TESS: Do you remember what I said when we first met?

DANNY: That I better know what I'm doing.

TESS: Do you? Now? You should go if you don't.

DANNY: I know what I'm doing.

Terry Enters from behind Tess

TERRY: What are you doing?

DANNY: Just catching up.

TESS: Meet my ex-husband. Danny Ocean.

TERRY: Mr. Ocean.

DANNY: I'm in your seat.

TERRY: Forgiye my lateness. A guest required my attention.

TESS: That's fine. Danny was walking through and spotted me.

TERRY: Is that so?

DANNY: Imagine the odds. Of all the gin joints in all the world.

TERRY: You recentIy were released from prison?

DANNY: That's right.

TERRY: How does it feel to be out?

DANNY: About the same.

TESS: Danny was just about to...

DANNY: I just stopped by to say hi to Tess.

TERRY: Stay, have a drink.

DANNY: I can't.

TESS: He can't.

DANNY: Well, then....

TERRY: I imagine we won't see Mr.Ocean anytime soon.

DANNY: You never know.

TERRY: I know everything happening in my hotels.

DANNY: So I should put those towels back.

TERRY: No, the towels you can keep.

DANNY: Good to see you, Tess.

TESS: Take care, Danny.

DANNY: Terry.

TERRY: Danny.

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