Friday, November 30, 2007

Kannadam Kastoori allave!!!!

Chapter I : Kannada

Bengaloor alli nam kannadadavarge one thara jeevna ne illa swami. Dukha heldru yenu antha dukha hel li heli.... Nam golgalna yellinda shuru maadli heli...

Moor varsha aytu naanu bengaloor ge bandu... Haalaad e software industry alli nanna kaal ittu... Hetchu kammi yav thara aagbitide nan jeevana andre, kel le bedi... Kannada maathaadod bidi... nam kannada artha madkoloavaru sigalla kanri bengaloor alli... teera anyaya aytu kanri idu... One cigratte kelakka tamil barbeku... Bakery alli one chota tea kudiyakke malayalam kalibeku... Auto alli hogakke hindi barbeku... One panto shirto thognakke hodre posh agi english alli maathaadbeku... Yelli hoytri nam kannada... Yelli hogta ide nanthara kannadigana baduku??

Bengaloor doddagi ide... Banni yellaru... tension illa... illi bandu kelda maadi... yochne illa... thale ne kedskondodilla... ee kannadigandu sakkat dodda manasu... hangandbittu namma baashe ne haal maadbidoda?

Oota madakke ond hotel ge hogteeni kan ri... appata nam kannada hotel... volle thinde volle oota sigatte... adikke vobba cashier idaane... pakka tamil avanu.... 9 varshadinda ide hotel alli idaananthe... 9 varsha dinda nam karanatakadalli idaananthe... bekadastu vayasu kuda agide.... aadre ond pada nu kannada maathadalla kan ri... vayas agide antha bayakku agalla... hotte ge idli bekandre tamil alli keli padibeku... thu, nandu ond jeevana na ansbidatte bidi...

Ad hodre hoytu bidri.. office function appa... yeno party thara nadita ide... adeno aata aadsta iddrappa... bandbittu english alli hindi haad du lyrics heltaare... naavu a hindi haad na guess maaadbeku... ad nadita iddaga ond group ge hindi haad guess madakke aaglilla... yaake antha keldaga avarge hindi barallvanthe... avarge tamil haad du anuvada bekanthe.... boli makkalu... anthadralli nam host idaanalla... avangintha sule maga illa... tamil haad na english alli heltaane... yaake nam kannada haadgalgen kammi ri agide... thu yeno bidrappa...

Baashe one mooleg aadre saaku... Nam bengaloor alli yes jana bandbitidaare andre nam MG road haalmaadbitrallapppa... yella orallu ond MG road antha iratte... one thara hemme yella oorgalge.... nam MG road na ardha dalli kuidbittu aleeno metro train haaktaranthappa... yeno pa... nav padkond bandirode istu yeno....

Adeno radio dalli RJ gal bartaralla... vobbrugu kannada baralla kanri.. yeno kasta patkondu padagalna jodskondu kannada maathaadtare... anthavar maatgal kelbittre sakappa jeevana ansbidatte.. nonsense... thu thu... assayya

Hodre hogli bidri... yeno nan thara nim thara kannadadavaradru aadastu kannada ulsona... kanada haadgal keli... kanada picture gal na theater ge hogi nodi... nakkan black alladdru ticket thogonlona... kannadalli maathadona... kannadalli preethi madona... kannadalli jagala adona.... kannadalli nagona, alona... Srigannadam gelge....

Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Suicide Note

I am bored. It’s just too boring. Monotonous is the word. Its not like I have concerns with the life I am leading now. But there is not too much happening anyway. I am just bored. I just want to move on. Pass on :)

Kadambri, I am really sorry about leaving you alone in this treacherous world honey. I really love you and I know you love me as much too. Its not that I am unhappy with you. You make me very happy. But I am just bored. Not with you sweetie. If that was the case, you know I would told you. I am just bored with life. I want to move on. Pass on. Ill miss you.

Mum, Dad, I am sorry that I have got a bad name to YOUR family. I am sure you are more relieved than sad that you don’t have to support such a grown up son financially anymore. I really did try but you were never happy with anything I did. To even things out, I was never happy with anything you did anyway. I feel I was already dead in your eyes, the day I flunked in college. Anu, you rock sis. Be good and take care of your parents.

Love you all. Miss me... Sometime...

Jay Jay

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The goa trip

Dear Kadambri,

As you know I headed to Goa over the week end. It was such bliss. Not just Goa, but the trip in the entirety.

I left my place at around 7 in the evening on the Friday night. It took a little while to fight traffic and hit the Mysore road. But once there, it was brilliant. Darkness all around, both inside and outside the car with just the bright lights of the car on the road. A scene to be watched. A scene to be felt. I missed you.

There was a plan to visit the jog falls on the way. As we passed through Shimoga, I realised Sagar, the place where I was born was somewhere close by. I made a visit, and after 25 long years, it still feels like home. There seems to be an amazing aura associated with that place. And Jog was at its romantic best. Its too difficult to explain in words Kadambri, but ill try my best. The awesome water fall with 4 different streams hitting earth with great force is a scene to be witnessed, especially in the post monsoon of September. And the mist had accumulated on at the base of the falls, and as I spent about 10 minutes there, the mist covered up the whole place. Nothing could be seen. Not even rocks. It just felt perfect. I wish you were around to hold my hands as I watched the "Nothing". I missed you

I reached Goa and took up a room on Baga beach. Was so tired with the days drive that I went straight to bed. The next day I went to the Fort Agouda. This is a fort that over looks the sea. Another sight to watch. After that I went to the Calungot beach and had an amazing swim. Was on the Jet Ski as well. What fun I tell you. The force of the water hitting the face is a highly refreshing feeling. You would have loved it if you were there. I would have loved it if you were there.

After all the swim I headed to the room to clean myself up. I headed to one of the shacks on the Baga beach to have a drink and have dinner. As the beer sunk in, I took a walk on the beach. I have always felt that a beach is the most romantic place ever. Some day I promise ill bring you to a beach, because I want to be with you on a beach once. As the cold water touches the bare feet, the chill just runs all the body. The body ached and I found it difficult to walk on the sand but then the pleasure of the whole scene was too much to worry about the aching body. I just hoped you were around to walk hand in hand with me and we would walk and speak on into the night.

The next day I woke up and headed to a few more beaches and a visit to the church. Good fun it was. In the night I went back to Baga one more time. I wanted to miss you a little more I guess. This time the beer got to my head a little too much. Or shall I say, a lot more beer got into my head :-) and the walk turned out to be a scary one. Alone, lost in darkness. I am sorry. I am sure if you were around, you would have prevented this. Anyway, no regrets. But I sure did miss you desperately this time though.

The next day I headed back home. On the way I stopped at Gokarna. This was the place that had taken me closest to death. I always had the fear of coming back to this place. I went to the beach. It looked calmer than I had seen it before. Infact it looked perfect. The rocks and the sea hitting to rocks. Very cool. Very nice. You would have loved this too. I missed you.

Thats it from this end about the Goa trip. Will catch up soon

I love you

Jay Jay

Random Disorder

He had had a pathetic day. He hadn’t slept well for the past 3 days. Yesterday night was the worst. He had got about 2 hours of sleep. Today seemed to be going to dogs. He was irritated because of the lack of sleep which seemed to be worsening the effect. He didn’t have the patience to speak to anyone. Just to comfort himself, he tried calling anyone who could remotely comfort him. Nothing seemed to work. He got back home. The whole place was a mess. A shoe on the bed, a dumbbell on the laptop, clothes and news papers lying everywhere. Absolute chaos. Random disorder. Not just the place. His whole life was. A random disorder. He took off his shoes. He needed some time for himself. Something nice and pure and complete. He contemplated suicide. He decided to smoke a cigarette instead. The power failed. Lit a match. The sweet smell of tobacco seemed to comfort him. It relieved him of the puzzle of life. He stubbed the filter and went off to sleep.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Insha Allah!! They got fucked

Its a day i would remember. India beat Pakistan in the first ever Twenty20 world cup. Not just beat, kicked arse. They deserved to win, having beaten every major team in the cup and loosing only one match in the series. What was more interesting to see was that it was a total team effort. Under Dhoni, the team seems to be fearless and seems to be enjoying their cricket. And i think in the end, the best team actually won.

The final was one nail biter. It just made it better that it went down to the last over. Both teams played amazing cricket and it was worthy of a finals. Pakistan should not feel too bad about loosing the match. They fought till their last drop for the cup. They should absolutely have no regrets. Or should they? The fuckin lost to India in the finals. They must be kicking themselves in the butt like no bodies business. Screw them :P. An sms floating just highlighted the situation:

"A Pakistani iron rod dealer gets a call from an Indian company.
Indian: Do you have rods?
Pakistani: Ya of course
Indian: Shove it up your arse" - LOL

We went on a traditional victory lap after the match. Whole of Bangalore was a party. The streets were loaded with INDIANS and the tricolor flying high and wide everywhere. Every one was on the streets. Humongous fireworks. People dancing on the streets. Everyone seemed to be having a blast. Law and order seemed screwed but who cared. The police were having a blast themselves. On the whole an amazing experience. What a brilliant way to end a Monday!! Got indoors at 4 am. For a change its Tuesday morning blues :P

My sympathies to all the Indians who were not in the country to experience the fever. Sorry guys, but where you are just ain't India

Thursday, September 20, 2007


The other day I had to hand over a form that I had filled up for an entrance exam. Just as I was heading to the place I had to drop off the form I realized that my form had some mistakes. I had to make changes to the form. Since it was filled with a pencil, it should have been fairly simple to rectify. But then I fished my bag, my car and what not to find an eraser. No!!! Could not find it. I could not find a bloody eraser. I had to look for a stationary store and ask for an eraser, edit the form and do the needful.
The point I want you to notice is that I didn't have an eraser handy. Surprising how my lifestyle had changed over the years. Some time ago, I considered carrying good stationary a matter of prestige. I had the best of the pens, the sharpest pencils, the wackiest of sharpeners and the bestest of the erasers with me. And talking of erasers, its just a long long story.
When I was a kid, kid meaning, I am talking of the days when we used to call an eraser a rubber, the world of rubbers was just too crazy. There used to be these scented rubbers, rubbers which were protruding out of a plastic case with a brush on the other side and a picture on the case which would move if the case moved, rubbers shaped in the shape of Spiderman, He-Man and a whole lot of super heroes, ink rubbers where were either one wierd 3 dimensional parallelograms or round flat ones with a plastic center case, rubbers which used to come in sets of 3 or 4 which were colourful and used in the shape of different fruits or flowers and all.
There also used to be there rubbers which were these cuboids which were white and green. The white part would have colourful letters of the alphabet on them. I remember once when I was in 2nd grade, I had one such rubber with T written on it. Funny story I tell you. Those days, I used to share my bench with this chick. We were class leaders or something I remember and we used to sit in the last bench. On one such day, I realized that I didn't have a scale and this chick had 2. Now I badly wanted one. So I stuck a deal with her. I bit half my T Rubber and exchanged it with the older of the two scales she had. I went home and told about my business brains to my parents. I remember very well that on that day was the first and the only time I have ever been slapped my by dad.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The world will go to Dogs

Considering Darwin's theory of the survival of the fittest holds good and the fact that earth has been taken over by the human race, it can be concluded that man turned out fittest. Atleast till now. Man being the only race blessed with intelligence. Apart from dolphins ofcourse. Or thats what man thinks. But if all this is really true, then with time and as the evolution continues, dogs are going to take over.

Away from mans imagination, dogs too have an intelligence of their own. Developed over ages as time passed by. They have an added advantage that they can understand man's language. Man has actually tried and gone out of his way to teach dogs how to understand him. Another adantage they have is that man has let them stay in homes, shared beds, and has never felt that a dog would get to know what all he talks. Taken dogs to space, let them into the law and order system and everything. Slowly but surely the dog race has got a strong hold and a great knowledge on how the "till now the fittest" race of humans work.

Now they have a plan. Apart from the spy dogs who stay at our homes to understand the intrecasies of the himan beings, they have started placing strategic small teams lurk on the streets. They work as a team, a small but fit and intelliget team probabally planning the war against the human race. I am sure when the D day arrives, the pets with cute cute names will start attacking from the inside as well as the street army of dogs will do it from the outside. The earth will go to DOGS if we the humans dont realise that something is up. Gear up humans... It IS the survival of the fittest afterall

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Its 6 and the alarm rings. Fed up of its noise I force myself to get up and turn it off. About 20 minutes later, my dad literally pulls me out with a cup of coffee in his hand. That's when I realize that its time for me to get up and stat completing my record, lest I would not be allowed to enter the lab. Its already 730 and I haven't even started on my record. Its nature call time and by the time I have completed having my bath its 815 and I should have left home 5 minutes earlier. Gulping down whatever mom has cooked for breakfast; I take my bike and rip towards college. Damn, not enough fuel and I have to make that inevitable pit stop. By the time I reach college its 840 and I am 10 minutes late for my class. Entering class (if the teacher is kind enough to let me inside) and not finding my favorite last bench, is devastating. Next two hours is Greek and Latin to me. The teacher seems like an extra terrestrial organism taking 70 odd of us prisoners and torturing us to death with words most of which I bet even he would not understand. Then comes half an hour of the much awaited break, my first chance in the day to get in touch with my earthling friends and discuss the common problems, and if time permits grab a cup of coffee, a very important thing if I want to survive the next 3 hours. Next its 2 hours of classes again, and this time I use the opportunity to complete the record I had left pending. Then comes the lunch break when I end up eating the crap they serve at the canteen. 45 minutes later I am in the laboratory.
Wires and resistors and IC's and diodes and the CRO and the multimeter and all that and I have no clue what’s happening. Turn on the switches, connect some wires and switch on the CRO and you better get a sinusoidal wave (whatever that is ) and if it does, we are done with today's experiment. And if the record is all correct, rush out of the lab and its time to leave towards home. It’s about 630 by the time I reach home and by the time I freshen up its 7 and the power fails. So the escape the mosquito attach, get out of home and meet up some friends, discuss important issues like India and Pakistan or Ganguly's affair with Nagma or even things like presence of God or Osama bin Laden. Its about 930 but the time I get back home, have dinner and its time for F.R.I.E.N.D.S After this I go to the room to realize that I have an internal tomorrow, and I have no idea what the portions are. So I call up the class topper and get the portions, and hunt for and find out the pages that contain them. (Which is a difficult task as most of the books I have to study from has 1000 something pages). Its 1230 and its time to go online. Checking mail takes about 5 minutes but I end up online for an hour, thanks to things like messengers and IRC. By 130 I start with my books and I am damn sleepy and exhausted by now. Time to hit the bed, leaving the internals in the hands of the topper guy. With all this I have to keep myself updated with all the new songs released and channel [V]'s pop stars and Leander and Mahesh at the Davis cup and all that.
This is how my normal day is. Some days its worse. It comes loaded with exams, all this for 4 years… not what I expected out of engineering

Polygamy – The path to hell

The entrance of the third member into the family was inevitable. My wife had come to know that something was up. I had given her clues and I think by the time my second wife came in, she had accepted it. She didn't have a choice either. May be she didn't like the fact that I would be having a new young, beautiful wife but like I said she had accepted it. She didn't say this in as many words, but her silence said it all. She knew that she was old and it made it difficult for her to satisfy my wants. For this very reason, she was given a face lift a year ago but both of us knew that this was temporary and she would get back to her original self, which she eventually did. There was nothing much we could do about it now. She also knew that my second wife was young and a completely different class all together. She didn't mind me spending more time with the new member of our family or taking her out everywhere I went. I knew it was difficult for someone out or the blue comes and takes ones place but my wife being the great person that she is accepted it as if it was just another phase of her life.
Its not that I liked my second wife more than the first one but it meant a lot for me in front of my friends too to have a young and good looking wife, I started having new friends because of my new wife and I know that my first wife could not do anything like that. Though she had a great heart, she was not very good looking and being an old timer could not enjoy the company of my friends. She tried very hard I must confess. Having a second wife I began feeling confidant about myself and I didn't have to hide my wife anymore. And I could see the difference in the people around me. They were all excited about my new wife and all of them wanted to meet her or go out with her.
But a second wife meant a lot more expenditure. My new wife made me spend a lot of cash on her, and I had to, to please her. Also the money I spent on my old partner didn't reduce either. I was not the one who would leave her to the mercy of god. I had never thought about all this before. With the limited resource I had, life was getting difficult.
With the new gained popularity I was even spending more on other people. The thing that mattered most was that my new wife had to go to the parlor frequently. It seemed impossible for her to do without the visit. The reason I felt bad was because my old wife didn't complain if she was not take there. She knew it was not necessary.
Life was really getting on to me. Though my second wife was already good looking, she thought that it was necessary for her to get herself beautified further. And I had to comply, cos even I thought my wife had to be the best. Ego as they say ruineth a man. One solution everyone found for me was to get rid of my first wife. But I couldn't do such a thing. Nothing could replace my 10 years with her, not only being loyal to me but also serving the whole family. I cannot forget all the things we have done together. Well at present I am struggling to make ends meet. I have not made a decision yet but soon if I don't come up with something ill be a goner.
Bu the way I would like you all to know the names of my wives. My first wife is called Kinetic Honda and my second one is called The Yamaha RX 135.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Am not a quitter.... OR AM I?"

I have been smoking cigarettes for over 6 years. Not that I am proud of the fact that I am but, still, just for records, its been 6 years. My first cigarette was a Gold Flake King Size. Having lived in India for most of my life, I have been dominated by cigarettes from ITC, but my lungs have also been tarred by some not ITC cigarettes, mostly foreign, and also some of our more local beedis.

I have never been a chain smoker. In my defense, for a chain smoker, there are certain patterns, which are not found in me. Basically a chain smoker sticks to one brand of cigarettes and sticks to one pattern of smoking, neither of which are found in me. My brand of cigarette usually depends on the money I have, the time of the day, the company around, my health condition and the mood of the moment.

Anyway, having smoked so many different brands of cigarettes, I feel that the impact the pack of cigarette makes on a person looking at it is high. I have always personally liked smart looking cigarette packets. And I have no doubt that till a few days ago, ITC Classics came out with the smartest of cigarette packets. It was a pleasure to place a Classic packet in your hand, be it "The Classic Regular", "The Classic Milds" or even the (U/A) rated "Classic Ultra Milds" or "The Classic Menthol". The color combination of the packets were just super Smart. The Maroon - Golden Regulars, The White Purple Milds, The White Green Menthol and the all silver ultra milds. It used to feel nice to smoke a ITC Classic, and it was not just the nicotine.

I wonder why change is often necessary. Classics are out with new packaging for their cigarettes. A pathetic change I feel. I happen to catch a glimpse of the Milds in a girly blue and the Ultra Milds in a silver/gold packet with a saxophone on it. Just Disgusting. I probably will quit smoking in protest to this change. My protests probably wont affect anyone. So probably ill just buy loose cigarettes... no boxes. ;)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Cold Romance!!!!!

This is an excerpt from "Oceans Eleven", a scene in which Tess will be waiting for Terry her boyfriend when Danny, her ex-husband touches he shoulder from behind

DANNY: Hello, Tess.

TESS: You are 30 seconds late. (She looks around. Its not Terry. Its Danny)

TESS: What are you doing here?

DANNY: I'm out.

TESS: Out?

DANNY: Of prison. Remember? I went for cigarettes and didn't come back.

TESS: I don't smoke. Don't sit.

DANNY: SupposedIy I paid my debt to society.

TESS: Funny, I never got a cheque.

DANNY: You're not wearing your ring.

TESS: I sold it. I don't have a husband or didn't you get the papers?

DANNY: My last day inside, I told you I'd write.

TESS: Danny, go now before--

DANNY: Before what? Benedict?

DANNY: (To the waiter) How you doing? Whiskey and whiskey.

DANNY: You're doing a great job at the museum. The Yermeer is quite good. Vibrant! But his work fell off later.

TESS: Remind you of anyone?

DANNY: I always confuse Monet and Manet. Which one married his mistress?

TESS: Monet.

DANNY: And Manet had syphllis.

TESS: They also painted occasionally.

DANNY: All right, I'll make this quick. I came here for you. I want to get on with my life. I want you with me.

TESS: You're a thief and a llar.

DANNY: I only lied about being a thief. I don't do that now.

TESS: -Steal?


TESS: I'm with someone who doesn't have to make that kind of distinction.

DANNY: He's clear on both.

TESS: You have a problem.

DANNY: Only one?

TESS: You've met too many peopIe like you. I'm with Terry now.

DANNY: Does he make you laugh?

TESS: He doesn't make me cry. People you steal from have insurance. They get made whole again. I left New York to escape what happened. Can I get five years back?

DANNY: What you can do is not throw the rest of the

TESS: You don't know anything.

DANNY: You don't love me, you're with someone else, fine. I have to live with that. But not him.

TESS: Just like an ex-husband.

DANNY: I'm not joking Tess

TESS: I'm not Iaughing Danny

TESS: There's a confllct of interest when you giye me advice about my love life.

DANNY: But that doesn't mean I'm wrong.

TESS: Do you remember what I said when we first met?

DANNY: That I better know what I'm doing.

TESS: Do you? Now? You should go if you don't.

DANNY: I know what I'm doing.

Terry Enters from behind Tess

TERRY: What are you doing?

DANNY: Just catching up.

TESS: Meet my ex-husband. Danny Ocean.

TERRY: Mr. Ocean.

DANNY: I'm in your seat.

TERRY: Forgiye my lateness. A guest required my attention.

TESS: That's fine. Danny was walking through and spotted me.

TERRY: Is that so?

DANNY: Imagine the odds. Of all the gin joints in all the world.

TERRY: You recentIy were released from prison?

DANNY: That's right.

TERRY: How does it feel to be out?

DANNY: About the same.

TESS: Danny was just about to...

DANNY: I just stopped by to say hi to Tess.

TERRY: Stay, have a drink.

DANNY: I can't.

TESS: He can't.

DANNY: Well, then....

TERRY: I imagine we won't see Mr.Ocean anytime soon.

DANNY: You never know.

TERRY: I know everything happening in my hotels.

DANNY: So I should put those towels back.

TERRY: No, the towels you can keep.

DANNY: Good to see you, Tess.

TESS: Take care, Danny.

DANNY: Terry.

TERRY: Danny.

Monday, June 04, 2007

fun with "Two malls and the full"

6 AM
"The journey begins"

As Sunil, Deepak and me left our home on a trip, we didnt know what was coming. We didnt want to know what was coming.
We just left... Just us and the car. Next pitstop - Mysore.

12 Noon
"The drive into the clouds"

The scroching afternoon sun, sunil at the wheel, all of us charged, having completed the first leg of our journey succesfully and starting off on the first important leg, towards the gods own country so to say. Clear blue skies, where the road ended. Bright white clouds somewhere at the end of the road it seemed. And we drove on into the clouds. But as we headed to the clouds, we realised we had lost our way. We actually didnt have a destination to reach, but the road seemed to go no where. No one knew where it would end. We had to do another 50 km back approximately. We had lunch and retraced back our 50 kms, only to realize that the map, the only source of information we had on our whereabouts was left in the restraunt we just got back from. It was decided to head on, and unlike men, this time we would ASK for directions.

11 PM
"A romantic walk with 2 Malls and a Full"

The day had almost ended. We had decided that we would stay in a place called "Lakkadi" for the night. But as we reached there at around sun set, we got to know that there is nothing to see there and there is no place to stay. So it was decided we would go to a beach, the main reason for this trip.... I wanted to see a beach.... It had been long. So we reached kozikod and checked into this hotel called "The Beach Hotel". Nice place with an ancient setting. AC rooms which overlooked a lawn which overlooked the beach.

As we had a drink, the first bit of alcohol on the trip and headed out to the beach, the scene was set. It was a full moon day, or atleast the moon looked full. The tides were relatively high I suppose, and the beach was lonely. As I walked in the beach, a little dizzy on the drink, a little tired of the drive, it just felt so nice. The waves coming and hitting the shore and the cool breeze blowing constantly, making music to the ears, the shadow of the moon somewhere far away in the sea, the sound of the drizzle that was hitting the ground, it was perfect. The most romantic setting that I had ever been in. The thing was that I was stuck with the two mallus on the beach and a full bottle of Royal Stag in the room. I passed on both.

12 AM
"Welcome to the jungle"

After an early morning walk on the beach at around 10 and a quick shower, we headed towards the silent valley. We had to choose between "Mahe" and this place but it was decided that we had seen the sea, now lets go check out the forests. The journey was amazing. We stoppoed at this small sidey place for lunch. 3 mallu unlimited meals, 2 fish fries, one beef fry, 2 cups of tea cost us a whopping 82 bucks. It was a very small price to pay for the quality of the meal. "Annadata sukhee bhava" Small roads into the jungles. It had become dark as we entered the denser part of the jungle. It was just brilliant. We got to this forest check post. We enquired about the safari thingie. We would have to come back tomorrow morning. It was too late for today. We got more information saying that there was no place to stay well. We had no place to go. Decided to first get our ass out of there.

11 PM
"Bang Bang and there she was gone"

We retired into our rooms in coimbator. Yup thats where we landed next. Why and how I have no clue. We just landed there. Thats all I know. Once we had a terrible meal, we decided to do something about our bottle of whisky. It had been with us 2 days, and hardly consumed. We got our glasses ready, ourselves in comfortable positions, cigarettes in place and suddenly out of the blue my had swiped the bottle to the ground. And the baby was gone!!!

12 Noon
"...But it rained"

Heading back, we had 2 choices. One was the super fast national highway to reach us home in like 6 hours. Other was thro ooty, a more treachous route and a round about one too. But ofcourse we chose tha later :). So we headed to ooty. Another amazing drive. Partly forests, partly mountain... and partly rain :). It was such a pleasure to see the rain. The forest suddenly looked fresh. It just completed the perfect picture. Awww what a wonderful world!!!

7 PM
"Go green till the finish!!!"

We left my house in mysore at around 630. Destination was bangalore. But we ended up in greens. One of the most romatic places I have ever been to. Greens is this hotel in mysore. Its called "The Green Hotel". Open to the air, lots and lots of space, amazing lighting and the best part is no music. We had our coffees and left for bangalore. First time I was driving bangalore mysore at that hour. Just about dark and everyone in a hurry to get back home. And I was in a hurry too. Was just too tired. I needed to hit the bed. And so I ripped... Schumi style. Amazing fun driving a car as fast as it can take you, lighting up the streets on the way.

Total Distance covered : 1489 kms
Total Time of the trip : 3 days, 2 nights
Places saw/visited : None

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Is it life or the journey??

As I looked at him, his tired bloodshot eyes, sweaty forehead, a cigarette between his fingures trying to steer his 10 lac odd car inch my inch to what people call "home" I could hear what he was thinking as he hung up on a call.

"Fuck the manager. Fuck the project. Fuck everybody. I fuckin have to work till 10 in the night, without time to call my pregnent wife, and the fucker calls me to inform that there is a meeting at 9 tomorrow. Dont I have a life? Whats the point of owning that stupid car one of those movie stars advertises for when I have to drive bumper to bumper hoping those cab basturds dont scratch it.... Fuckin traffic jam on top of that.... At fuckin 1045... Awwwww what a life!!!"

Ya exactly!! What has life gotten now? Every person on the road that late in the night looked so sad and deperssed. Not ONE smile. Not one... Beleive me... I counted. This one guy on a faded blue Bajaj Chetak featuring one of those Red Ferrari helmet was probabally thinking...

"The bloody bitch is going to be waiting for me to get home so that she can start her nagging. What do I care if her brother-in-law has decided to run away from his wife? And why not, if he was trading a life for her sister. I wish I could do that too. And the bloody helmet on top of that. Awwwww what a life!!!"

There was this couple in a brand new Tata Indigo, one of those girly blue colours, relatively new, relatively dented. A relatively new husband and wife I could guess. She had all those bangles and all which those panjabi chicks wear. A layer of makeup and a bright salwar I noticed. Goodlooking is how I would define her. Anyway, new "couple" they were, night it was. I thought atleast there, there would be some romance flowing, some smiles flying around. No, there was none of that. The guy was, basically a rookie at driving was struggling to get the car move the inch it was supposed to move and the girl was looking out of the window thinking...

"Where the hell am I stuck. I am stuck all day at home with the bloody TV or cooking for this bloody joker who cant even drive a car for nuts. I ask him to take me out for dinner one day, and this is what I get? Bloody stuck in a car. What is my life coming to? Awwwww what a life!!!"

Its a sad scene in bangalore. There is so much money. So many software engineers. So many families. And some how there seems to be no happiness. All the happiness is gone. Gone far far away.

A smile just passed my lips, thinking of the everydays I am on my way back from work with all the problems of life in my head, probabally thinking to myself "Awwwww what a life!!!"

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

music - ligament and all that jazz

A French goddess of Greek origin. Thats exactly what she was... A goddess!!! Those pretty large black eyes, her long silky hair, her out of the world smile was more than enough to get whatever she wanted. Over that she played the harp like it was a part of her body. The music just reverbrated in my ears as her fingures moved gently over the 47 stringed instrument... I was in love...

This was just the part of one of the most eventful week ends that went by. Met up a couple of friends and headed to this "FireFly Aashram" on kanakapura road. This was my first weekend with my car as well. So wanted to make it big. We left at around 7, after boring ourself to death at a friends place, where around 15 of us were supposed to meet up and leave from.

The drive was around an hour from the city, and once we took a detour from the main road, the road was dark and dusty and lonely and i really didnt know what i was supposed to be expecting at the festival.

The setting:

The stage was set up under a low grown banayan tree. It was an open air theater of sorts. The open air into the dark night gave the setting an added sense of freedom.

The music:

There were about 20 performances, which consisted of different forms of music, from jazz to greek, quawali to naama dholu kunitha. And ofcourse, my love... she was the best if you ask me.

The crowd:

The more i attend these music concerts in bangalore, the more i get impressed by the quality of the crowd. Just like the maiden concert, here were mostly people who really were interested in the music. There was lots of booze and grass and what not happening... but there was abslutely no misbehavior of any sort. There were foreign chicks all around but not one guy letching at them.

The end:

At around 4 in the morning, when the quawali was going on, i headed back out of the crowd to have a smoke. I had to get down from this high rise wall to get to a place that was away from all the people. I took a jump. I screwed my leg. AGAIN. What followed was a day of lack of sleep, a trip to the doctor, an x-ray, hinged knee braces and a visit to a family function where i got all the sympathy.... he he he....


Thursday, April 12, 2007

AAAAAH!!! What a life!!!!!!

I came accross a very nice article... One of those very few fowards that was readable...
So I am putting this here... Read on... You could be one of us


It is when you stop going along with the crowd and start realizing that there are many things about yourself that you didn't know and may not like. You start feeling insecure and wonder where you will be in a year or two, but then get scared because you barely know where you are now.

You start realizing that people are selfish and that, maybe, those friends that you thought you were so close to aren't exactly the greatest people you have ever met, and the people you have lost touch with are some of the most important ones. What you don't recognize is that they are realizing that too, and aren't really cold, catty, mean or insincere, but that they are as confused as you.

You look at your job... and it is not even close to what you thought you would be doing, or maybe you are looking for a job and realizing that you are going to have to start at the bottom and that scares you.

Your opinions have gotten stronger. You see what others are doing and find yourself judging more than usual because suddenly you realize that you have certain boundaries in your life and are constantly adding things to your list of what is acceptable and what isn't. One minute, you are insecure and then the next, secure.

You laugh and cry with the greatest force of your life. You feel alone and scared and confused. Suddenly, change is the enemy and you try and cling on to the past with dear life, but soon realize that the past is drifting further and further away, and there is nothing to do but stay where you are or move forward.

You get your heart broken and wonder how someone you loved could do such damage to you. Or you lie in bed and wonder why you can't meet anyone decent enough that you want to get to know better. Or maybe you love someone but love someone else too and cannot figure out why you're doing this because you know that you aren't a bad person. One night stands and random hook ups start to look cheap. Getting wasted and acting like an idiot starts to look pathetic. You go through the same emotions and questions over and over, and talk with your friends about the same topics because you cannot seem to make a decision. You worry about loans, money, the future and making a life for yourself... and while winning the race would be great, right now you'd just like to be a contender!

What you may not realize is that every one reading this relates to it. We are in our best of times and our worst of times, trying as hard as we can to figure this whole thing out.

We call it the "Quarter-life Crisis."


Monday, April 09, 2007

I cant think of a title for this post ;)

Every now and then, one comes accross some form of literature which hits you in some part of your brain or your heart.... here is one such which had made its mark... Go on... Read it.... You WILL like it...

yaava mohana murali kareyithu doora theerake ninnanu
yaava brindavanavu seleyithu ninna mannina kannanu

hoovu hasige chandra chandana baahu bandhana
bayake thotada beliyolage karanaganadi ringana

saptha saagaradaacheyello suptha saagara kaadide
moreyadalegala moola marmara indu illigu haayithe

vivashavayithu prana haa....paravashavu ninnee
"iruvudellava bittu iradudaredege thudivude jeevana"

-gopalakrishna adiga

Nodi swami navirodu heege - A movie review

I happened to watch lots of movies in the week end that passed. One that stood out was "Nodi Swami Nav Irodu Heege", a Shankar Nag, Arundati Nag, Ramesh Bhat, Master Manjunath starrer. These names may not mean to most people, but these are one of the few people in the kannada film industry who survived on sheer talent.

Every now and then, the kannada film industry comes up with amazing movies. Tho these are few and far between, some such movies are a master peice. This one is just that.

The movie lacks a strong story line or strong characters. Its just an amazingly well made movie. The movie revolves around "mysoor", shankar nags character, who also happens to be the cupid for the love story between "nagesh nuggehalli" (Ramesh Bhat) and "Jaya"(Arundathi Nag)... .Plain and simple love story between these guys, with apt humor at the right times, with a message at the end that for a relationship to work out, there needs a lot of adjustment and patience. Arundathi i thought was a much better actor tho... Have seen her in just one other movie but i guess she is not that good an actor anyway. (Arundathi wiki: Arundathi and Shankar Nag fell in love and got married on the sets of this movie supposedly)

This movie too has a sentimental touch attached with me. History goes that when I was a kid, i used to have long hair and used to look like how Master Manjunath looks in the movie. Also that I had become so popular that people used to call me "chotte munde de", the character of Master Manjunath.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


Today is one of those "big" days of my life so to say.... I bought my first CAR....(Second actually but at this point in time we will consider this car my first car for more reasons than one... one of them being I actually didnt blog on the day I bought that car....)... Anyway it feels super nice to be a proud owner of a brand new vehicle.... It feels as if in life, you just took a step up I think. So basically I am super happy today.
Lots of very touchy incidents happened today. Just one of those days which was emotionally dominated I would say. Firstly, some time during the day it actually hit me that I HAD BOUGHT A CAR..... It is not just a car, it is a commitment, a part of my life for a while atleast, its like a wife..... I guess this is the first most committed relationship I am ready to embark on.... its scary sometimes.... but I guess its another step up
One more touchey scene was so....
We were at this temple for we wanted to get the car blessed.... This was my third visit to this temple... and each time I have been there has been with a new vehicle. Anyway, me mom and dad were waiting for the priest to come and bless my car. Dad was looking at the car but I noticed that he was looking way beyond. One of those looks when you are looking at something physically but you actually have another picture in your mind... Then he looks at me and with those experienced eyes he says "Just 13 years ago, when I came to mysore, I never even thought ill have one car in my life... and now, both my sons too have a car"
That was such a nice thing to hear. I think every man is succesful in the eyes of his father. And every success of a man can be best seen only in the eyes of a father. Cheers dad. I am what I am because of you

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


World cup fever comes to an end. Atleast for Indians. Atleast for me. I had a lot of things planned for this world cup. This world cup in a way was, a very important one in my life for more than one reason. One is of course, that probabally the last world cup for Sachin, Dravid, Kumble, Ganguly et all. And these are the cricketers I grew up with, know what I mean... When I started watching or following cricket, these guys were also planting their first strong steps on the game. In a way, they grew old with us. One more reason this world cup was to be special was that this was probabally the last world cup I would get to watch as a bachelor, you know, like a real one, no issues of family and home and shit like that. Just me and the guys, all watching cricket. We had decided to make this world cup special. We had all worked out stratergies to get to handle work timings and made arrangements to watch each match at pubs and friends places and such. Infact, ski got a tv home, a small i guess 5 inch tv with an antenna. So funny it is, black and white and catches only dd. Infact the Ind vs SL match i watched on that only. :-)

But the bloody fuckers(in a mallu accent) spoilt it all. Not even reach bloody super 8s. Out loosing to Bangladesh. The only highlight I would take back, you know, when i am old and i look back at my past and think of world cup 2007, will probabally remember the world record score in world cups against bermuda and conversly bob woulmers death.

Sad for the team though. I am sure they must be by themselves already feeling pretty sad. Its sad to loose any game. Especially against a week team. More so when there are a lot of people supporting you. And "Team India" had freaking millions of people holding their balls, hoping for a kick ass performance. On top of that the way we treated them is sad. Emails circulating about these people with alternative career paths is acceptable. Bloody taking to the streets with posters, having a fake burial of the players, giving them the "chappli" treatment, damaging the players houses and stuff was a little too much. Not after how they were treated just a couple of weeks ago, comparing the team to the 83 world cup team and events for cheering up the team and the kind of advertisements that came out and stuff. An Indian cricketer would definetely know how green the grass it is on either side of stardom.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Reached home after a tough day at work. Not a particularly tough day that I should be cribbing about. Just end of another tiring day. Kinda physically and mentally exhausted. Since it was summer, I decide that I would have the second bath of the day. Once the bucket of hot water was ready, I headed to the bathroom with a towel around me. Just as I entered the bathroom, I felt like taking a shit. So got myself a cigarette and the days news paper and sat down. WOAH!!! How relaxing was that. Am not just talking about the shit, the whole process of sitting on the shit pot with a news paper with a cigarette in my hand.

I think every man existing, spends those precious 10 mins of every day of his life in the loo with his news paper. This is one place he knows he wont be distrubed by anyone and the enclosed space gives him a sense of security which I think makes those few minutes completely tension free and being naked enhances that sense of freedom. And so he reads on, letting his body do its part. It actually makes more sense to the news when it is read in the loo. Not just news, just anything read on the mighty pot makes the content worthwhile and things hit where they have to. A refrigirator and a TV if provided would make a man agree to spend the rest of his life in the loo. Atleast I would. What else do we want, a TV, an occasional beer, an occasional cigarette and effortless movement less excretion space. The complete man I guess.... :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

woOow what a week end!!!

Another amazing week end passed by. And WOOOW!!!! What a week end!!!!

Friday night was one big drunk mistake. As a ritual, we met up at some friends place for a couple of drinks to kick start the week end ahead. Normal scene, 4 5 of us sitting and drinking with TV on in the background, and basically discussion work and world cup circket.

I had to leave to hand over some STUFF to a Gotli. So left and Adi joined me to drop me off to my bike. There we decided that we would go out for a cup of tea. What followed next was something i least expected. In an hour from the time we decided that we should have tea, we were in a car heading towards mandya. We IT people just cant seem to live without Coffee Days. The highlight of the journey was this random drunk guy we met on the streets and became friends with. Sandeep was his name. He bloody had the balls to stop our car and talk to us. Proud of you mate.

Reached bangalore and hit the bed at 8AM Sat morning. After 2 hours of sleep and nearly 2 hours on my bike, me and viksa were heading towards palace grounds, where i was about to witness the greatest concert I have till date been to.

Iron Maiden performing live is a pretty big deal for a decent rock fan. And there was a big crowd, mostly in black IM tees waiting eagerly for the show. The turn offs for the who was this opening band called "Fuck the Name" who apperantly had won some "Campus rock" competation and ofcourse Lorren Harris, Steve's daughter. I wonder who the judges were that dick of a competation cos they sucked, and this chick i am sure is not steve's biological daughter. God she sucked. There was this guy in the audience who was like showing his arse to her which was pretty much what everyone was watching.

After all this shit, when IM came on, it was crazy. The stage was just awsome and who can comment on the band's performance. I am sure each one present there was in a high cos of music. The best part of the show was that there was so many people and so much alcohol and so much drugs and yet not one sign of trouble. A rough estimate by me says that there were atleast 20 thousand people in that place and atleast 80 percent were high on alcohol and atleast 50 % were high on grass and other drugs. But it was all so cool. Three cheers to the "Bangalore Rock music followers".

Sunday was a lazy day as usual. The highlight of sunday was the 2 movies I watched. One was this totally hilarious "Honey Moon Travels Pvt Ltd" and the other was Ram Gopal Verma's "Nishabd". Honeymoon Travels lacked a basic story line. It definetely lacked content. But the performance of every start was awsome. Special mentions to Kay Kay and Bomman Irani and for once Amisha Patel has played her part well. The subtle theme comes out of the movie. All in all, 2 and a half hours of entertainment. Time-Pass material.

Nishabd is a master peice. As usual, Ramu does not fail to captivate the audience. The plot becomes complex as the movie progresses and at one point of time, you are so lost in the movie that you are in fact tense on how the bloody plot will be solved. Jiah Khan looks super hot and super sexy but the star of the movie is Big B. After ages, there was love in the experienced eyes of the superstar. Almost subbmissive to love Bacchan's performance is one that is going to be remembered for a long time.

All in all, a splended week end, the worst part being starting off the monday, on UGADI at work. We were like the only company working in the whole of bangalore. WOOOW what a company ;-)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Statuary warning: "Smoking is relaxing"

In the 24 odd years of existance on this planet, as a social being, I have been asked tonnes of questions by tonnes of people. It some how fits into the scheme of things - Asking and answering questions.

Of the questions I have answered, over the last 5 years the most common question I have been quizzed with is, "Why do you smoke?"(and mostly this there is a tone which is associated with this, the same tone which is probabally used in a police introgation) One of the wierdest questions, and I have I guess tackled it with ease, answering it in a way it satisfies the person who asked the question in question. Anyway, most of them have been lies. How else do you think I can say whatever I am going to say in the following lines to every Tom, Dick or whoever.....

A cigarette has been my single most reliable companion for 5 years now. Every once in a while I feel that everyone feels a need to just unplug from life and spend a quiet moment alone. And it gets lonely out there on those unplugged outings. This is the time in life when the cigarette comes in. Its just there, with you, just sharing your misery, just not asking anything in return, not asking anything atall infact.

Once the cigarette is out of the pack and shoved between the lips is when the fun starts. Its a very strange comforting feeling when this peice of paper sits between the lips. Its just freedom re-incarnated. Before the actual process of lighting the cigarette, the instant a match is struck, the feeling of "AMEN! And there shall be light in your life" occurs. Once the fire hits the tip of your cigarette, the sound of burning fresh tobaccoo is very soothning to the ear. The first drag I think the best drag in a smoke. The smell of burning tobacco, the touch of the white smoke inside the lungs, the flavour of the tobacco on the tongue, the heat which touches you from within, all these gel up and gave a "out of the world" effect on the mind. Its just too relaxing.

So thats what I do. I smoke to relax. So stop asking me that....

Monday, February 26, 2007

A perfect week end

Its not every trip to mysore I sit and try writing out a blog. Come on, mysore is my home town or atleast thats where my parents live. So I get to go when I feel like going there. But its always been that I dont go too often for more than one reasons which is a completely different blog material. Anyway, what I am writing about is a trip I just got back from yesterday, from Mysore.

This is one trip which made me question my actions in life. I some how felt that in the persuit of life in terms of career and money, there is so much I have lost.

Anyway, lets cut the philosophy crap and this is how the trip went....

Friday evening:
Time: approx 5 PM
Mood: Irritated

Still stuck at work. Release of some major CR's are under way. The testing has been succesful offshore. But the release notes are to be prepared and stuff. And I want to leave. The train is at 6 and I need to get into it. This trip to mysore is pretty important. There has been some kind of family tension at home and there has been a lot of tension in my life too. So I am hoping that this outing back home will put things in its place.
Me and sunil finally leave office at 545. Get home pick up his stuff, pick up my stuff and head to the bus stand.

Friday evening:
Time: approx 10 PM
Mood: Content

After a heavy meal, an amazing meal of amazingly cooked food, we settle down in front of the Telivision, something i dont have the luxuary of watching in bangalore. Have a casual chat with parents for an hour or so. Once they slept we headed up to our rooms. One smoke in the balcony of your Fathers house and you feel so beg. You feel so big.

Satarday morning
Time: approx 10 AM
Mood: Yawn!!!!

Lazily I wake up from bed. Its pretty common when I wake up and see a man sleeping next to me. Its not too uncommon in this busy world of IT. There are men eveywhere, work, play, food, drink, smoke. For Bangalore its raining men. So wake up the man for the night go down for a cup of coffee. Want to go for a drive but the car is not there. Mom out of the blue has got into a "social service" mode. She was born in some government hospital itseems, and now after 50 odd years she feels she has to give it back to the hospital. So she has gone to take care of the patients there, and my dad, like most men is out chauffering his wife. Wonder why they call it a male dominated society.
I take my Kienetic Honda and head to "mailari" so that sunil gets a dose of our Mysore dosas. After a sumptious set masala dose we head to the most visited place in Mysore, Manjus. They should make this place a tourist attraction I feel. Cos every JCite who visits Mysore after college has to set foot in this holy place. The coffees the teas and Manju, a great combination.

Satarday afternoon
Time: 2 PM approx
Mood: Yaaaaawn!!!!

Another heavy meal. Another amazingly cooked home meal. I want to sleep. But I have to take sunil around. So one a sunny satarday afternoon we head towards nowhere. And as usual, first stop Manjus. Next we head towards balmuri. Once small drive and we are there, on the banks of river kaveri. A beer here a smoke there and next moment we are all in the water (All meaning my sunil and a few of my other friends). After a relaxing bath we are back to pitstop manjus. Its almost 6 now, the sun is fading. Perfect time to go to greens. A coffee in Greens is the most relaxing thing to do any evening. Just sit there, legs close to your body, a hot sip of coffee, a dry drag of a cigarette and it feels like heaven. I wish I could do this more often.

Satarday evening
Time: 7 PM
Mood: Relaxed but nostalgic

The coffee in Greens had done something. Was not physically and mentally in the same time-space constant.
The drive to chamundi is one another amazing things that makes me reach the pinacle of happiness. The drive in the dark with just the lights of the car showing the way is just too good. And once we reach a certain height, looking at the lights of mysore is just an awsome view. Far away in the sky, the setting sun, dark clowds with a redish border, and lights of the city make the view breathtaking.
On the way down the hill, we stopped at nandi. Not some thing i have done often. So we went near nandi and there is a cave temple which is not too visited my common man. We went there. That was a nice experience too. That guy there, the baba gave us sugar crystals, with a twinkle in his eye. Wonder what he thougt we were high on ;-)

Satarday night
Time: approx 1030 PM
Mood: Pretty high

The hill was just too good. Not only nice at that instant of time, but the trip down memory lane was also amazing. We headed down to planet x to have a drink and dinner. And since we had time, we needed to kill it. The choice we had was go karting, play pool, bowling, video games or mini golf. We choose mini golf. One hell of a time we had. And just for the record, the score was sunil 3.5 and tejas 4. Succesful victory. To celebrate this, we headed to the restaurant. One taquila shot and a beer and we were "good to go". The drive back home was another thrilling experience. Once a man is a intoxicated state, especially intoxicated on alcohol and has a wheel to handle, it brings out a real man in him. Its like experiencing freedom at its peak

Sunday morning
Time: approx 11 AM
Mood: Happy

A game of snooker to finish off the almost perfect week end. And thats where we headed next. Sunil was a beginer in the game, and I was giving him my professional tips ;-) . As I sat down looking at him playing his shots, improving every second, i just felt that something was missing. Something was incomplete and .... and my phone rang. With a smile i take the call, the call seemed to complete the puzzle of life. The voice of someone who you long to talk to all the time calls you at the time of bliss is like "a stariway to heaven"

Sunday evening
Time: approx 7 PM
Mood: Lonely and tripping

A train journey is always trippy. More so if you are stuffed at the door and are looking out into the fading light. Its just as if life passes you by and you are looking at it as if looking at a movie. The movie of your life. The movie I watched on this day had a happy ending. It was a happy happy week end alltogether.

Monday morning
Time 930 AM
Mood: Yaaaaawn!!!!
The week end is gone. Over. Just a perfect week end. Its monday morning. I have to get back to work. I cant beleive i have given up so much of a life in mysore to get up and head in the traffic towards work. UFFFFFF

Monday, January 22, 2007

City full of OLD Shit

Wierd day.... 21st January 2007...

I headed back to Bangalore from Mysore in a cousins car. Honda City V-Tech. First time in that car. Super it is. Chandru (Moms cousin) was driving... Eaisly cruised to about 100, and i am sure it would have gone higher, but for some reason, Chandru was not flooring it. I guess it was the presense of his son and mom, or may be after a certain age, speed does not facinate one.

Arrived in bangalore and took an Auto-Rickshaw towards home. Jayanagar to Indranagar. Fare some 80 odd indian rupees. Happened to get into an auto which was owned by a muslim. That i found out by looking at some urdu stickers in his wagon and also checking out his "driver details" which is mandatory on all autos now(After the call center incidents that have been terrorising the city). Rehmatulla Khan. Had a general conversation, and he spoke perfect kannada.

Were near ulsoor, where most of the problem had occured(... and that we found out later) and we saw lots of police and fire men and remains of distruction. Hindu muslim riots started due to Saddam hussains death and also some rally organised by VHP. It seemed pretty strange that a couple of hindus in a muslim auto driven my a muslim driver were able to travel in perfect harmony in a place surrounded my distruction cos of the same this religious disharmony.

Came home, and my owner had arrived from Singapore.
Owner: Very very old man, prolly in his 85s, Pakka tamil brahmin, very very methodical, and very very orthodox thinking.Can manage english, but speaks mostly tamil.
Owner's wife: Pretty old, much more orthodox, much more Pakka tamil brahmin. Cannot speak anything but tamil and cannot understand anything i speak, neither can i.

So after 6 months he is back and i have to give him details of all the bills and back reciepts. After a tiring day, am in no mood to do anything and not especiallly this shit. 1 hour of solid "old man's talk" i got, on how to be a good person, how to pay bills on time, how to take care of onself when you are alone and some history on how he broke his leg, how his son finished his mba, how his singapore trip was and stuff.

Another end to another wierd day!!!