Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Its 6 and the alarm rings. Fed up of its noise I force myself to get up and turn it off. About 20 minutes later, my dad literally pulls me out with a cup of coffee in his hand. That's when I realize that its time for me to get up and stat completing my record, lest I would not be allowed to enter the lab. Its already 730 and I haven't even started on my record. Its nature call time and by the time I have completed having my bath its 815 and I should have left home 5 minutes earlier. Gulping down whatever mom has cooked for breakfast; I take my bike and rip towards college. Damn, not enough fuel and I have to make that inevitable pit stop. By the time I reach college its 840 and I am 10 minutes late for my class. Entering class (if the teacher is kind enough to let me inside) and not finding my favorite last bench, is devastating. Next two hours is Greek and Latin to me. The teacher seems like an extra terrestrial organism taking 70 odd of us prisoners and torturing us to death with words most of which I bet even he would not understand. Then comes half an hour of the much awaited break, my first chance in the day to get in touch with my earthling friends and discuss the common problems, and if time permits grab a cup of coffee, a very important thing if I want to survive the next 3 hours. Next its 2 hours of classes again, and this time I use the opportunity to complete the record I had left pending. Then comes the lunch break when I end up eating the crap they serve at the canteen. 45 minutes later I am in the laboratory.
Wires and resistors and IC's and diodes and the CRO and the multimeter and all that and I have no clue what’s happening. Turn on the switches, connect some wires and switch on the CRO and you better get a sinusoidal wave (whatever that is ) and if it does, we are done with today's experiment. And if the record is all correct, rush out of the lab and its time to leave towards home. It’s about 630 by the time I reach home and by the time I freshen up its 7 and the power fails. So the escape the mosquito attach, get out of home and meet up some friends, discuss important issues like India and Pakistan or Ganguly's affair with Nagma or even things like presence of God or Osama bin Laden. Its about 930 but the time I get back home, have dinner and its time for F.R.I.E.N.D.S After this I go to the room to realize that I have an internal tomorrow, and I have no idea what the portions are. So I call up the class topper and get the portions, and hunt for and find out the pages that contain them. (Which is a difficult task as most of the books I have to study from has 1000 something pages). Its 1230 and its time to go online. Checking mail takes about 5 minutes but I end up online for an hour, thanks to things like messengers and IRC. By 130 I start with my books and I am damn sleepy and exhausted by now. Time to hit the bed, leaving the internals in the hands of the topper guy. With all this I have to keep myself updated with all the new songs released and channel [V]'s pop stars and Leander and Mahesh at the Davis cup and all that.
This is how my normal day is. Some days its worse. It comes loaded with exams, all this for 4 years… not what I expected out of engineering


Priya said...

Hehe..beats me how your science guys doing this for four bloody long years!But you must confess..where you are, not such a bad place to be eh?
Ps.More frequent updates!!

Anonymous said...

Jeezzz... U really had tough EVERYDAY-S!