Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Polygamy – The path to hell

The entrance of the third member into the family was inevitable. My wife had come to know that something was up. I had given her clues and I think by the time my second wife came in, she had accepted it. She didn't have a choice either. May be she didn't like the fact that I would be having a new young, beautiful wife but like I said she had accepted it. She didn't say this in as many words, but her silence said it all. She knew that she was old and it made it difficult for her to satisfy my wants. For this very reason, she was given a face lift a year ago but both of us knew that this was temporary and she would get back to her original self, which she eventually did. There was nothing much we could do about it now. She also knew that my second wife was young and a completely different class all together. She didn't mind me spending more time with the new member of our family or taking her out everywhere I went. I knew it was difficult for someone out or the blue comes and takes ones place but my wife being the great person that she is accepted it as if it was just another phase of her life.
Its not that I liked my second wife more than the first one but it meant a lot for me in front of my friends too to have a young and good looking wife, I started having new friends because of my new wife and I know that my first wife could not do anything like that. Though she had a great heart, she was not very good looking and being an old timer could not enjoy the company of my friends. She tried very hard I must confess. Having a second wife I began feeling confidant about myself and I didn't have to hide my wife anymore. And I could see the difference in the people around me. They were all excited about my new wife and all of them wanted to meet her or go out with her.
But a second wife meant a lot more expenditure. My new wife made me spend a lot of cash on her, and I had to, to please her. Also the money I spent on my old partner didn't reduce either. I was not the one who would leave her to the mercy of god. I had never thought about all this before. With the limited resource I had, life was getting difficult.
With the new gained popularity I was even spending more on other people. The thing that mattered most was that my new wife had to go to the parlor frequently. It seemed impossible for her to do without the visit. The reason I felt bad was because my old wife didn't complain if she was not take there. She knew it was not necessary.
Life was really getting on to me. Though my second wife was already good looking, she thought that it was necessary for her to get herself beautified further. And I had to comply, cos even I thought my wife had to be the best. Ego as they say ruineth a man. One solution everyone found for me was to get rid of my first wife. But I couldn't do such a thing. Nothing could replace my 10 years with her, not only being loyal to me but also serving the whole family. I cannot forget all the things we have done together. Well at present I am struggling to make ends meet. I have not made a decision yet but soon if I don't come up with something ill be a goner.
Bu the way I would like you all to know the names of my wives. My first wife is called Kinetic Honda and my second one is called The Yamaha RX 135.

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Anonymous said...

I swear the title did a lot of leading into understanding the message the other way (as any MAN would have otherwise liked it to be)...creativity well applied.