Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Am not a quitter.... OR AM I?"

I have been smoking cigarettes for over 6 years. Not that I am proud of the fact that I am but, still, just for records, its been 6 years. My first cigarette was a Gold Flake King Size. Having lived in India for most of my life, I have been dominated by cigarettes from ITC, but my lungs have also been tarred by some not ITC cigarettes, mostly foreign, and also some of our more local beedis.

I have never been a chain smoker. In my defense, for a chain smoker, there are certain patterns, which are not found in me. Basically a chain smoker sticks to one brand of cigarettes and sticks to one pattern of smoking, neither of which are found in me. My brand of cigarette usually depends on the money I have, the time of the day, the company around, my health condition and the mood of the moment.

Anyway, having smoked so many different brands of cigarettes, I feel that the impact the pack of cigarette makes on a person looking at it is high. I have always personally liked smart looking cigarette packets. And I have no doubt that till a few days ago, ITC Classics came out with the smartest of cigarette packets. It was a pleasure to place a Classic packet in your hand, be it "The Classic Regular", "The Classic Milds" or even the (U/A) rated "Classic Ultra Milds" or "The Classic Menthol". The color combination of the packets were just super Smart. The Maroon - Golden Regulars, The White Purple Milds, The White Green Menthol and the all silver ultra milds. It used to feel nice to smoke a ITC Classic, and it was not just the nicotine.

I wonder why change is often necessary. Classics are out with new packaging for their cigarettes. A pathetic change I feel. I happen to catch a glimpse of the Milds in a girly blue and the Ultra Milds in a silver/gold packet with a saxophone on it. Just Disgusting. I probably will quit smoking in protest to this change. My protests probably wont affect anyone. So probably ill just buy loose cigarettes... no boxes. ;)

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