Friday, December 22, 2006

Another page of Tejas' Diary

Events of 21st december 2006

0900 hours: The alarm in my phone has been ringing for an hour now and i have been snoozing it over and over again. Its as if the alarm is saying "Son of a bitch, get your fuckin ass off the bed and get to work and stop pushing my balls over and over again". I eventually make my mind up and start looking at what i have to do to get to work. Bare minimum is get bath and find clean clothes and leave.

1030 hours: I am already super late to work and am having breakfast with beloved SKI at our own Srinidhi Sagar. Once tomato rice bath, half a coffee. Ski is wearing a white T-Shirt and he spills coffee all over it. And i go HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

1115 house: My first cup of coffee is over. Done with dealing with my emails of yesterday. Pick up my TT racked and am heading towards the TT table. Phone rings. Ski it is.

"Hello" I say
"Teja" he says in a tone which he ususally uses when he is super drunk
"Are you bloody drunk at 11 in the morning? Are you not going to work??"
"I met with an accident"
"hummm my leg hurts man... help me"
"Where are you dude, whats wrong??"
"I am at !#%^&&*(&^. Fell of the bike. I am badly hurt"
"Are you bleeding??"
"I dont know... please come"
"I am leaving now. Just stay where you are. Ill call you"

1145 hours: I get to the spot, to ski sitting on the pavement alone. He is just sitting and his bike is next to him. I go up to him and check him out. He is scratched himself all over, hands, legs everything. His pretty face is unaffected. Thank you govt. of Karnataka for making helmets compulsary. I try to make him stand and he cant move. His leg is pretty fucked. People start gathering around. An auto guy comes and helps ski inside. We head to CMH.

1330 hours: After talking to about 5 doctors, and atleast 25 trips to differnt counters in the hospital, we have finally landed outside the orthopedcian. The x ray is on its way and ski says

"Man, it hurts but the nurses here are ok"
"Shut the fuck up ski, your bloody leg is screwed. They are going to amputate it HA HA HA HA"
"LO aadru... he he he he"

1345 hours: The doctor has examined both the xray and the patient. He calls me inside his chamber, while ski is being treated with some crape bandaid and crape. The doctor shows me the xray and says, "there is a fracture in his knee, and the bone that is affected is called %&^$%& which have ligaments attached to it. A surgery has to be conduted sometime tomorrow." and i am like "aa uh aa ok. Surgery? hummm... can i just go out for a minute." I really needed a smoke. Needed to figure out stuff. Should ski be operated there? I should inform his parents. There should surely be a second opinion on this. Whaat will i tell ski What will i tell his parents. Who will i tell anything. God!!!

1415 hours: I am trying real hard to contact skis parents. They are not reachable anywhere. I have gone out and made a dozen phonecalls to lots of people trying to organise things. I have decided that i have to get ski to mysore. Still have not contacted his parents. Totu is on his way down. Finally some one to share the decision making. I go down to inform the doctor this decision. There i come accross ski and a nurse having a small argument of sorts. I find out what it was and this is what i heard. The nurse has to crape his knee and she thinks she has to cut his trouser for that. Ski says its a new trouser, which he bought(or was bought) just yesterday and hence he wont allow that to happen. Guys, grow up and do something about it. Damn the trouser ski, let it go is what i thought.

1600 hours: We are in a qualis. Man the car is amazing. Ski is sitting behind, his leg fully bandaged. Me and totu are sitting in front. Ski is enjoying his "Fruit and Nut" which was bought for him at the Shell Fuel station. Me and totu enjoying our lays and pepsi. We are on our way to mysore. A ha!!! Mysore, here we come

1930 hours: Appolo hospital mysore. One more round of xrays and stuff. Doc says no surgery as yet. Cast for 4 weeks. Delux room for ski with all the pretty nurses he always fantasises about.

2400 hours: Me and totu on our way back to bangalore. Arya playing in the in car LCD screen. I am pretty stoned because of the hard days work. UFFFFF !!!!!

0900 hours the next day: The alarm in my phone has been ringing for an hour now and i have been snoozing it over and over again. Its as if the alarm is saying "Son of a bitch, get your fuckin ass off the bed and get to work and stop pushing my balls over and over again". I eventually make my mind up and start looking at what i have to do to get to work. Bare minimum is get bath and find clean clothes and leave.

I pick up my wallet to go for a cup of early morning Tea, and... and....

MY ATM CARD IS MISSING!!!!! I left it in the ATM yesterday!!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ahem ahem AMEN!!!!

Another good morning in my life. Week day. Have to get up, go for a walk in the cold decembber winter to grap a cup of coffee, come back, take turns with ski to take control of the bathroom to do the daily duties, find clothes to wear and hit the road to dodge traffic and get to work. This is how most of my week day mornings are... and thats how today was... well almost....

I had won the battle and had got an unopposed control over the bathroom. So i am done with my bath and i am walking around in the house after a nice hot bath with just a towel in my house when i hear a knock on the door. Thats the most uncommon thing that could happen at the place i stay. I go and open the door to see 2 people, in their early 50s, dressed in proper formals with tie and all that jazz. Thts the second most uncommon thing that has happened today. The average age of a person who enters my house is 24.

I am kind taken aback, excuse myself, go inside, get into the first track and T i find and went out there to face them. All this while, whats running in my head is, Oh god what have i done... which neighbour is it who has come to complain.... or did some one mess around with some one and i have become a victim of mistaken identity... or.... and things like that. I go out and he shakes my hand and then what followed was one of the wierdest conversations i have had with such an old man at that time of the day with an unintoxicated body...

He: Hi my name is ******.

Me: Hello Sir, I am Tejas

He: We are from a group called ********. We are here to spread the word of justice. Do you think the justice we are as people are getting is right?

Me: Sorry... What do you mean (What the hell is this guy talkin suddenly on something strange)

He: Say for example, does it make sense that the recent Jasica Lal case. Do you think that is fair? Do you think that is justice? Should that guy have not been behind bars much much earlier. The justice system is not right. So our group are out there trying to spread awareness about this justice system. What do you think sir, do you think the justice we are having is right?

Me: I dont know. I think its alright. Actually it does not make any sense that someone is going behind bars years after committing a crime. And i am thinking, dude let me go... i still have to get dressed and get to work... i am already freaking late...

He: Now think about Hitlor and such people who have done so much to destroy mankind. These kind of ...

Me: Hitler? So what, he was a dictator. He has done so much good for the society. How can someone just say that he as done bad and make him a anagonist. What about what all he has done for humanity

He: Well what i am saying is that such people have no right to destroy the creation of god.

Me: WOH!!! WOH!!! Where did God come into all this? Boss, i know where this is going... not the right way to start a morning... All this is nice to talk when i am high on a couple of drinks... Not a way to start of a long day ahead. GOD!!!! This was some freak who was spreading christanity. Today will be one hell of a day!!!

At this point he fishes out a book from his bag. Just as i had guessed, it was the holy bible. He flips to some page and reads out something for me. I could hear the word justice in what he read. Thats all that there was to it.

He: God says that justice should be this and justice should be that and like this and like that(I really dont remember what exactly he said but it was something on those lines).

Me: Where did god come into this? What do you mean when you say god?

He: Ok let me make one thing clear. Do you beleive in god?

Me: No

He: NO???

Me: no.

He: Dont you beleive that there is some one controlling something everything that is happening?

Me: Why should i beleive that? Is'nt that wrong? That you are letting something unknown control you. Giving the credit of creation to some unknown thing.

He: Actually science ends at some point of time. Most scientists beleive that one point their explaination ends and from then something else takes over. The all beleive that there is God, in what ever form it is. There are rules for everything, like say the atoms or electrons or nuclear physics or everything. Infact the human brain, which is like the most complicated creation existing. The complex rules that take place in its funcioning are all creations of god. Dont you think so?

Me: Just because the explaination has not come, does not mean you blame it on God.

He: Blame it on god?? (laughs) I have never heard anyone say that. (At this point he takes out a book out of his bag. The title reads "Who is the Creator?") I have a little something for you. Its a book that i think you should read. It will probabally put some right sense into your head.

Me: Book? This is going to make me beleive in god is it? There are hundreds of books which talk about god in all its forms. Infact i have on right here(and i find "The tao of physics") which has a different view of life et all. May be you should read this.

He: Humm this is interesting. May be ill buy myself a copy of this book. But i think you should come to one of our meetings. Or may be you and i can meet in person and i will convince you into the existance of god.

Me: He he he given the time, ill probabally convince you into thinking that you are wrong and that actually god does not exist. For me to probabally to beleive in what you are saying, it needs a miracle or something

He: Humm that would be interesting. I have never gotten to talk to someone who has made me feel this way. But still, if you ever change your mind, and if a miracle does happen, you can always come to me and ill show you the way to reach god

Me: I doubt that will happen. And just in case you would want a different way to look at life, you know where i stay. Drop in anytime.

He: Thanks so much for your time Tejas. It was really nice talking to you.

Me: I hope i didnt ruin your day.

I closed the door, rushed inside to find myself a clean pair of trousers and shirt and ripped my way to office. What a strange begining to the day

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hello!!! Anybody there???

The mobile phone has become the single most insaparable thing in my life and i am sure it is the same with most if not all others existing in the world today (and when i say world, i mean the people interact with every day, so who would socially fit into my circle of friends or acquaintances). "SMS" or "text" have become the preferred and the ideal mode of communication these days.

Apart from communication ofcourse, there is also messages exchanged on the phone which usually dont mean anything but are just passed around for entertainment purposes. We call them the FWDs.... just like the attachments and forwards that are jamming up the mail servers all around the world(again the referance is the same world i was talking about previously)

These are some of the messsages that i have come accross in my life with my mobile phone. Some are forwards and some are just messages which either I sent or people sent it to me.... I just thought i would make an archive of the most interesting ones. Ill keep updating this as and when i can and something interesting comes up.

* $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ * $ *

$-$ Your mind thinks so fast that the physical action to be performed will become very slow. It is a kind of amnesia. You wont remember what you were supposed to do. It feels like you are lost. since the mind thinks fast, you feel that the hands of the clock have lost its energies.Even they are lazy. God made grass. Respect the creation, praise the creator. I feel like god.

$-$ Reality is an illusion caused by the lack of alcohol

$-$ Life's dissappointments are harder to take when you dont know the swear words - Calvin and Hobbes

$-$ Help a girl in trouble and she will always help you when she is in trouble again

$-$ I know you are asleep and even if you are awake, you wont reply. Anyway, you should choose me because I know how life is with you and how life is after loosing you and I can never think of loosing you again. Too bad that anyone else would never get to know what it is without you. I love you

$-$ I smoke away my glory days... luking at old things in newer ways... speakin to my friend who isnt really there..i dont sniff inregret... but it helps to forget... the secrets ive kept inside, never shared... i trip i slide n even glide thro the drownin lectures and chaotic nights...with my friend always beside... whenever i fall down in dispair... he lifets me up... and points towards my grave...the devil whispers, as i stare... we re almost there buddy... we are almost there

$-$ Why is that feeling what the questions talk of is considered wrong? Isn't it a matter of choice... choice of if you want to feel dominant and right or you dont care if you are right or if the world thinks you are submissive... Whats so wrong with feeling lost for a while? If you want to have a real feel of happiness, dont you think its important to have a real feel of sorrow? Can you live life with total contentment? Aren't we here to simply live life?

$-$ Betta... Beer.. 2 Pint... Lo sweetheart senti good NIGHT msg kalsidlu. Ond thara touch aaayithu... Nanu Ond reverse senti kalusbitte. He he... u and mama there?

$-$ There are two great days in a person's life - The day we are born and the day we discover why

$-$ If I love myself despite my infinite faults, how can i hate anyone at the glimpse of a few faults?

$-$ Never take life seriously... Nobody gets out alive anyway

Mahesh prasad HOTELna masale dose,
SJCE canteen na khali dose,
Guru Sweets na mysore paku,
ksrtc stop na egg riceu,
dental college na pani puri,
aishwarya restaurantna kulcha kaju masala,
RMC du khara mandakki mirchi,
vani gotrada masala tea,
Bopys na chilled draugth beer,
GP's na old monk cokeu,
Idu "Mysore" na taste - bere yellu sigalla...

Proud to be a mysorian

$-$ Cheers man!!!

$-$ If life throws lemons at you, dont make lemonade.... Think out of the box - Ask for taquila and salt

$-$ And thus the sun has set on Teja's empire

$-$ Hoskote se consignment aa raha hain ;)

$-$ I pray to the god that any person who tries 2 screw your happiness, may his ass begin to itch and his hand grom shorter that he cannot reach his ass to scratch it ;)

$-$ thu baddetava, hudgiru andre maiyella *****, avalu 1 msg kalsangilla, nigrskondu 10 kalsteira, navilli thika harkond msg madidru ond msg illa, nim janmakke

$-$ Maga i am very sad... As i am out from the college... So please buy me a full old monk for the last time... So that i can forget this side moment... Ill be waiting for your call or your message... And i am ready to come and pick up the bottle anywhere.... :) and ill be waiting