Tuesday, March 27, 2007


World cup fever comes to an end. Atleast for Indians. Atleast for me. I had a lot of things planned for this world cup. This world cup in a way was, a very important one in my life for more than one reason. One is of course, that probabally the last world cup for Sachin, Dravid, Kumble, Ganguly et all. And these are the cricketers I grew up with, know what I mean... When I started watching or following cricket, these guys were also planting their first strong steps on the game. In a way, they grew old with us. One more reason this world cup was to be special was that this was probabally the last world cup I would get to watch as a bachelor, you know, like a real one, no issues of family and home and shit like that. Just me and the guys, all watching cricket. We had decided to make this world cup special. We had all worked out stratergies to get to handle work timings and made arrangements to watch each match at pubs and friends places and such. Infact, ski got a tv home, a small i guess 5 inch tv with an antenna. So funny it is, black and white and catches only dd. Infact the Ind vs SL match i watched on that only. :-)

But the bloody fuckers(in a mallu accent) spoilt it all. Not even reach bloody super 8s. Out loosing to Bangladesh. The only highlight I would take back, you know, when i am old and i look back at my past and think of world cup 2007, will probabally remember the world record score in world cups against bermuda and conversly bob woulmers death.

Sad for the team though. I am sure they must be by themselves already feeling pretty sad. Its sad to loose any game. Especially against a week team. More so when there are a lot of people supporting you. And "Team India" had freaking millions of people holding their balls, hoping for a kick ass performance. On top of that the way we treated them is sad. Emails circulating about these people with alternative career paths is acceptable. Bloody taking to the streets with posters, having a fake burial of the players, giving them the "chappli" treatment, damaging the players houses and stuff was a little too much. Not after how they were treated just a couple of weeks ago, comparing the team to the 83 world cup team and events for cheering up the team and the kind of advertisements that came out and stuff. An Indian cricketer would definetely know how green the grass it is on either side of stardom.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Reached home after a tough day at work. Not a particularly tough day that I should be cribbing about. Just end of another tiring day. Kinda physically and mentally exhausted. Since it was summer, I decide that I would have the second bath of the day. Once the bucket of hot water was ready, I headed to the bathroom with a towel around me. Just as I entered the bathroom, I felt like taking a shit. So got myself a cigarette and the days news paper and sat down. WOAH!!! How relaxing was that. Am not just talking about the shit, the whole process of sitting on the shit pot with a news paper with a cigarette in my hand.

I think every man existing, spends those precious 10 mins of every day of his life in the loo with his news paper. This is one place he knows he wont be distrubed by anyone and the enclosed space gives him a sense of security which I think makes those few minutes completely tension free and being naked enhances that sense of freedom. And so he reads on, letting his body do its part. It actually makes more sense to the news when it is read in the loo. Not just news, just anything read on the mighty pot makes the content worthwhile and things hit where they have to. A refrigirator and a TV if provided would make a man agree to spend the rest of his life in the loo. Atleast I would. What else do we want, a TV, an occasional beer, an occasional cigarette and effortless movement less excretion space. The complete man I guess.... :-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

woOow what a week end!!!

Another amazing week end passed by. And WOOOW!!!! What a week end!!!!

Friday night was one big drunk mistake. As a ritual, we met up at some friends place for a couple of drinks to kick start the week end ahead. Normal scene, 4 5 of us sitting and drinking with TV on in the background, and basically discussion work and world cup circket.

I had to leave to hand over some STUFF to a Gotli. So left and Adi joined me to drop me off to my bike. There we decided that we would go out for a cup of tea. What followed next was something i least expected. In an hour from the time we decided that we should have tea, we were in a car heading towards mandya. We IT people just cant seem to live without Coffee Days. The highlight of the journey was this random drunk guy we met on the streets and became friends with. Sandeep was his name. He bloody had the balls to stop our car and talk to us. Proud of you mate.

Reached bangalore and hit the bed at 8AM Sat morning. After 2 hours of sleep and nearly 2 hours on my bike, me and viksa were heading towards palace grounds, where i was about to witness the greatest concert I have till date been to.

Iron Maiden performing live is a pretty big deal for a decent rock fan. And there was a big crowd, mostly in black IM tees waiting eagerly for the show. The turn offs for the who was this opening band called "Fuck the Name" who apperantly had won some "Campus rock" competation and ofcourse Lorren Harris, Steve's daughter. I wonder who the judges were that dick of a competation cos they sucked, and this chick i am sure is not steve's biological daughter. God she sucked. There was this guy in the audience who was like showing his arse to her which was pretty much what everyone was watching.

After all this shit, when IM came on, it was crazy. The stage was just awsome and who can comment on the band's performance. I am sure each one present there was in a high cos of music. The best part of the show was that there was so many people and so much alcohol and so much drugs and yet not one sign of trouble. A rough estimate by me says that there were atleast 20 thousand people in that place and atleast 80 percent were high on alcohol and atleast 50 % were high on grass and other drugs. But it was all so cool. Three cheers to the "Bangalore Rock music followers".

Sunday was a lazy day as usual. The highlight of sunday was the 2 movies I watched. One was this totally hilarious "Honey Moon Travels Pvt Ltd" and the other was Ram Gopal Verma's "Nishabd". Honeymoon Travels lacked a basic story line. It definetely lacked content. But the performance of every start was awsome. Special mentions to Kay Kay and Bomman Irani and for once Amisha Patel has played her part well. The subtle theme comes out of the movie. All in all, 2 and a half hours of entertainment. Time-Pass material.

Nishabd is a master peice. As usual, Ramu does not fail to captivate the audience. The plot becomes complex as the movie progresses and at one point of time, you are so lost in the movie that you are in fact tense on how the bloody plot will be solved. Jiah Khan looks super hot and super sexy but the star of the movie is Big B. After ages, there was love in the experienced eyes of the superstar. Almost subbmissive to love Bacchan's performance is one that is going to be remembered for a long time.

All in all, a splended week end, the worst part being starting off the monday, on UGADI at work. We were like the only company working in the whole of bangalore. WOOOW what a company ;-)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Statuary warning: "Smoking is relaxing"

In the 24 odd years of existance on this planet, as a social being, I have been asked tonnes of questions by tonnes of people. It some how fits into the scheme of things - Asking and answering questions.

Of the questions I have answered, over the last 5 years the most common question I have been quizzed with is, "Why do you smoke?"(and mostly this there is a tone which is associated with this, the same tone which is probabally used in a police introgation) One of the wierdest questions, and I have I guess tackled it with ease, answering it in a way it satisfies the person who asked the question in question. Anyway, most of them have been lies. How else do you think I can say whatever I am going to say in the following lines to every Tom, Dick or whoever.....

A cigarette has been my single most reliable companion for 5 years now. Every once in a while I feel that everyone feels a need to just unplug from life and spend a quiet moment alone. And it gets lonely out there on those unplugged outings. This is the time in life when the cigarette comes in. Its just there, with you, just sharing your misery, just not asking anything in return, not asking anything atall infact.

Once the cigarette is out of the pack and shoved between the lips is when the fun starts. Its a very strange comforting feeling when this peice of paper sits between the lips. Its just freedom re-incarnated. Before the actual process of lighting the cigarette, the instant a match is struck, the feeling of "AMEN! And there shall be light in your life" occurs. Once the fire hits the tip of your cigarette, the sound of burning fresh tobaccoo is very soothning to the ear. The first drag I think the best drag in a smoke. The smell of burning tobacco, the touch of the white smoke inside the lungs, the flavour of the tobacco on the tongue, the heat which touches you from within, all these gel up and gave a "out of the world" effect on the mind. Its just too relaxing.

So thats what I do. I smoke to relax. So stop asking me that....