Tuesday, March 27, 2007


World cup fever comes to an end. Atleast for Indians. Atleast for me. I had a lot of things planned for this world cup. This world cup in a way was, a very important one in my life for more than one reason. One is of course, that probabally the last world cup for Sachin, Dravid, Kumble, Ganguly et all. And these are the cricketers I grew up with, know what I mean... When I started watching or following cricket, these guys were also planting their first strong steps on the game. In a way, they grew old with us. One more reason this world cup was to be special was that this was probabally the last world cup I would get to watch as a bachelor, you know, like a real one, no issues of family and home and shit like that. Just me and the guys, all watching cricket. We had decided to make this world cup special. We had all worked out stratergies to get to handle work timings and made arrangements to watch each match at pubs and friends places and such. Infact, ski got a tv home, a small i guess 5 inch tv with an antenna. So funny it is, black and white and catches only dd. Infact the Ind vs SL match i watched on that only. :-)

But the bloody fuckers(in a mallu accent) spoilt it all. Not even reach bloody super 8s. Out loosing to Bangladesh. The only highlight I would take back, you know, when i am old and i look back at my past and think of world cup 2007, will probabally remember the world record score in world cups against bermuda and conversly bob woulmers death.

Sad for the team though. I am sure they must be by themselves already feeling pretty sad. Its sad to loose any game. Especially against a week team. More so when there are a lot of people supporting you. And "Team India" had freaking millions of people holding their balls, hoping for a kick ass performance. On top of that the way we treated them is sad. Emails circulating about these people with alternative career paths is acceptable. Bloody taking to the streets with posters, having a fake burial of the players, giving them the "chappli" treatment, damaging the players houses and stuff was a little too much. Not after how they were treated just a couple of weeks ago, comparing the team to the 83 world cup team and events for cheering up the team and the kind of advertisements that came out and stuff. An Indian cricketer would definetely know how green the grass it is on either side of stardom.

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