Friday, March 23, 2007


Reached home after a tough day at work. Not a particularly tough day that I should be cribbing about. Just end of another tiring day. Kinda physically and mentally exhausted. Since it was summer, I decide that I would have the second bath of the day. Once the bucket of hot water was ready, I headed to the bathroom with a towel around me. Just as I entered the bathroom, I felt like taking a shit. So got myself a cigarette and the days news paper and sat down. WOAH!!! How relaxing was that. Am not just talking about the shit, the whole process of sitting on the shit pot with a news paper with a cigarette in my hand.

I think every man existing, spends those precious 10 mins of every day of his life in the loo with his news paper. This is one place he knows he wont be distrubed by anyone and the enclosed space gives him a sense of security which I think makes those few minutes completely tension free and being naked enhances that sense of freedom. And so he reads on, letting his body do its part. It actually makes more sense to the news when it is read in the loo. Not just news, just anything read on the mighty pot makes the content worthwhile and things hit where they have to. A refrigirator and a TV if provided would make a man agree to spend the rest of his life in the loo. Atleast I would. What else do we want, a TV, an occasional beer, an occasional cigarette and effortless movement less excretion space. The complete man I guess.... :-)


mads said...

tejas u rock!!
luvvvv ur writin' :D

Priya said...

Love it Bro!! Keep writing and write as often as you can. I didnt imagine you were so good at this-this is amazing!!

Cant wait to read the next one :)


tEjAs krIshnAmOOrthy said...

Keep the fan mail pouring in people
Thanks ;-)

Anonymous said...

yen thinking edhe ahhh thale ali...hilarious is not the word!