Thursday, April 05, 2007


Today is one of those "big" days of my life so to say.... I bought my first CAR....(Second actually but at this point in time we will consider this car my first car for more reasons than one... one of them being I actually didnt blog on the day I bought that car....)... Anyway it feels super nice to be a proud owner of a brand new vehicle.... It feels as if in life, you just took a step up I think. So basically I am super happy today.
Lots of very touchy incidents happened today. Just one of those days which was emotionally dominated I would say. Firstly, some time during the day it actually hit me that I HAD BOUGHT A CAR..... It is not just a car, it is a commitment, a part of my life for a while atleast, its like a wife..... I guess this is the first most committed relationship I am ready to embark on.... its scary sometimes.... but I guess its another step up
One more touchey scene was so....
We were at this temple for we wanted to get the car blessed.... This was my third visit to this temple... and each time I have been there has been with a new vehicle. Anyway, me mom and dad were waiting for the priest to come and bless my car. Dad was looking at the car but I noticed that he was looking way beyond. One of those looks when you are looking at something physically but you actually have another picture in your mind... Then he looks at me and with those experienced eyes he says "Just 13 years ago, when I came to mysore, I never even thought ill have one car in my life... and now, both my sons too have a car"
That was such a nice thing to hear. I think every man is succesful in the eyes of his father. And every success of a man can be best seen only in the eyes of a father. Cheers dad. I am what I am because of you


Rashmi said...

touched a nerve again....u r lucky to share these moments with ur dad....not everyone is :)

Pinks said...

wonderful one..glad you share such a warm relationship with krishnamoorty mama.Yeah, totally owe it all to them.

May the great things keep coming. Mighty proud of your bro.

Anonymous said...

Touch aithu - in the words of my friend :)