Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The goa trip

Dear Kadambri,

As you know I headed to Goa over the week end. It was such bliss. Not just Goa, but the trip in the entirety.

I left my place at around 7 in the evening on the Friday night. It took a little while to fight traffic and hit the Mysore road. But once there, it was brilliant. Darkness all around, both inside and outside the car with just the bright lights of the car on the road. A scene to be watched. A scene to be felt. I missed you.

There was a plan to visit the jog falls on the way. As we passed through Shimoga, I realised Sagar, the place where I was born was somewhere close by. I made a visit, and after 25 long years, it still feels like home. There seems to be an amazing aura associated with that place. And Jog was at its romantic best. Its too difficult to explain in words Kadambri, but ill try my best. The awesome water fall with 4 different streams hitting earth with great force is a scene to be witnessed, especially in the post monsoon of September. And the mist had accumulated on at the base of the falls, and as I spent about 10 minutes there, the mist covered up the whole place. Nothing could be seen. Not even rocks. It just felt perfect. I wish you were around to hold my hands as I watched the "Nothing". I missed you

I reached Goa and took up a room on Baga beach. Was so tired with the days drive that I went straight to bed. The next day I went to the Fort Agouda. This is a fort that over looks the sea. Another sight to watch. After that I went to the Calungot beach and had an amazing swim. Was on the Jet Ski as well. What fun I tell you. The force of the water hitting the face is a highly refreshing feeling. You would have loved it if you were there. I would have loved it if you were there.

After all the swim I headed to the room to clean myself up. I headed to one of the shacks on the Baga beach to have a drink and have dinner. As the beer sunk in, I took a walk on the beach. I have always felt that a beach is the most romantic place ever. Some day I promise ill bring you to a beach, because I want to be with you on a beach once. As the cold water touches the bare feet, the chill just runs all the body. The body ached and I found it difficult to walk on the sand but then the pleasure of the whole scene was too much to worry about the aching body. I just hoped you were around to walk hand in hand with me and we would walk and speak on into the night.

The next day I woke up and headed to a few more beaches and a visit to the church. Good fun it was. In the night I went back to Baga one more time. I wanted to miss you a little more I guess. This time the beer got to my head a little too much. Or shall I say, a lot more beer got into my head :-) and the walk turned out to be a scary one. Alone, lost in darkness. I am sorry. I am sure if you were around, you would have prevented this. Anyway, no regrets. But I sure did miss you desperately this time though.

The next day I headed back home. On the way I stopped at Gokarna. This was the place that had taken me closest to death. I always had the fear of coming back to this place. I went to the beach. It looked calmer than I had seen it before. Infact it looked perfect. The rocks and the sea hitting to rocks. Very cool. Very nice. You would have loved this too. I missed you.

Thats it from this end about the Goa trip. Will catch up soon

I love you

Jay Jay


Anonymous said...

facing the endless beach and as the waves hit your feet.... Soon after the beach sucks its water back, that's when my head starts to SPIN like å∆µƒ¥ƒ§®!!! but i love it!!

Seems to me that you missed Kadambari more than you enjoyed the trip. Shall pray for her to go with you next time.

tEjAs krIshnAmOOrthy said...

Its Kadambri... and do pray.... Jay Jay would be pleased...

Mads said...

- I wish you were around to hold my hands as I watched the "Nothing".

-You would have loved it if you were there. I would have loved it if you were there.


hey.. wait a minute! u almost died last year at goa (or gOkarNa., right!??) so., is jay jay going to impersonate you here on in?

Anonymous said...

If you were Jay Jay...I would love to be Kadambari....