Sunday, November 04, 2007

A Suicide Note

I am bored. It’s just too boring. Monotonous is the word. Its not like I have concerns with the life I am leading now. But there is not too much happening anyway. I am just bored. I just want to move on. Pass on :)

Kadambri, I am really sorry about leaving you alone in this treacherous world honey. I really love you and I know you love me as much too. Its not that I am unhappy with you. You make me very happy. But I am just bored. Not with you sweetie. If that was the case, you know I would told you. I am just bored with life. I want to move on. Pass on. Ill miss you.

Mum, Dad, I am sorry that I have got a bad name to YOUR family. I am sure you are more relieved than sad that you don’t have to support such a grown up son financially anymore. I really did try but you were never happy with anything I did. To even things out, I was never happy with anything you did anyway. I feel I was already dead in your eyes, the day I flunked in college. Anu, you rock sis. Be good and take care of your parents.

Love you all. Miss me... Sometime...

Jay Jay


Priya said...

What the fuck???! Whats with all this bloody depressing talk mate?

Zenia said...

Good for people to know.