Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Random Disorder

He had had a pathetic day. He hadn’t slept well for the past 3 days. Yesterday night was the worst. He had got about 2 hours of sleep. Today seemed to be going to dogs. He was irritated because of the lack of sleep which seemed to be worsening the effect. He didn’t have the patience to speak to anyone. Just to comfort himself, he tried calling anyone who could remotely comfort him. Nothing seemed to work. He got back home. The whole place was a mess. A shoe on the bed, a dumbbell on the laptop, clothes and news papers lying everywhere. Absolute chaos. Random disorder. Not just the place. His whole life was. A random disorder. He took off his shoes. He needed some time for himself. Something nice and pure and complete. He contemplated suicide. He decided to smoke a cigarette instead. The power failed. Lit a match. The sweet smell of tobacco seemed to comfort him. It relieved him of the puzzle of life. He stubbed the filter and went off to sleep.


Anonymous said...

You should try drinking water next time instead of a smoke...that works for several.

tEjAs krIshnAmOOrthy said...

You should probably tell him that... and it does not look like i need advice.... Thank you for the concern tho