Monday, September 24, 2007

Insha Allah!! They got fucked

Its a day i would remember. India beat Pakistan in the first ever Twenty20 world cup. Not just beat, kicked arse. They deserved to win, having beaten every major team in the cup and loosing only one match in the series. What was more interesting to see was that it was a total team effort. Under Dhoni, the team seems to be fearless and seems to be enjoying their cricket. And i think in the end, the best team actually won.

The final was one nail biter. It just made it better that it went down to the last over. Both teams played amazing cricket and it was worthy of a finals. Pakistan should not feel too bad about loosing the match. They fought till their last drop for the cup. They should absolutely have no regrets. Or should they? The fuckin lost to India in the finals. They must be kicking themselves in the butt like no bodies business. Screw them :P. An sms floating just highlighted the situation:

"A Pakistani iron rod dealer gets a call from an Indian company.
Indian: Do you have rods?
Pakistani: Ya of course
Indian: Shove it up your arse" - LOL

We went on a traditional victory lap after the match. Whole of Bangalore was a party. The streets were loaded with INDIANS and the tricolor flying high and wide everywhere. Every one was on the streets. Humongous fireworks. People dancing on the streets. Everyone seemed to be having a blast. Law and order seemed screwed but who cared. The police were having a blast themselves. On the whole an amazing experience. What a brilliant way to end a Monday!! Got indoors at 4 am. For a change its Tuesday morning blues :P

My sympathies to all the Indians who were not in the country to experience the fever. Sorry guys, but where you are just ain't India

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Priya said...

Stop hating our neighbours!! And at the end of the day, its just a game (okok,dont kill me for saying that..but thats the truth!)