Monday, January 22, 2007

City full of OLD Shit

Wierd day.... 21st January 2007...

I headed back to Bangalore from Mysore in a cousins car. Honda City V-Tech. First time in that car. Super it is. Chandru (Moms cousin) was driving... Eaisly cruised to about 100, and i am sure it would have gone higher, but for some reason, Chandru was not flooring it. I guess it was the presense of his son and mom, or may be after a certain age, speed does not facinate one.

Arrived in bangalore and took an Auto-Rickshaw towards home. Jayanagar to Indranagar. Fare some 80 odd indian rupees. Happened to get into an auto which was owned by a muslim. That i found out by looking at some urdu stickers in his wagon and also checking out his "driver details" which is mandatory on all autos now(After the call center incidents that have been terrorising the city). Rehmatulla Khan. Had a general conversation, and he spoke perfect kannada.

Were near ulsoor, where most of the problem had occured(... and that we found out later) and we saw lots of police and fire men and remains of distruction. Hindu muslim riots started due to Saddam hussains death and also some rally organised by VHP. It seemed pretty strange that a couple of hindus in a muslim auto driven my a muslim driver were able to travel in perfect harmony in a place surrounded my distruction cos of the same this religious disharmony.

Came home, and my owner had arrived from Singapore.
Owner: Very very old man, prolly in his 85s, Pakka tamil brahmin, very very methodical, and very very orthodox thinking.Can manage english, but speaks mostly tamil.
Owner's wife: Pretty old, much more orthodox, much more Pakka tamil brahmin. Cannot speak anything but tamil and cannot understand anything i speak, neither can i.

So after 6 months he is back and i have to give him details of all the bills and back reciepts. After a tiring day, am in no mood to do anything and not especiallly this shit. 1 hour of solid "old man's talk" i got, on how to be a good person, how to pay bills on time, how to take care of onself when you are alone and some history on how he broke his leg, how his son finished his mba, how his singapore trip was and stuff.

Another end to another wierd day!!!

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