Monday, February 26, 2007

A perfect week end

Its not every trip to mysore I sit and try writing out a blog. Come on, mysore is my home town or atleast thats where my parents live. So I get to go when I feel like going there. But its always been that I dont go too often for more than one reasons which is a completely different blog material. Anyway, what I am writing about is a trip I just got back from yesterday, from Mysore.

This is one trip which made me question my actions in life. I some how felt that in the persuit of life in terms of career and money, there is so much I have lost.

Anyway, lets cut the philosophy crap and this is how the trip went....

Friday evening:
Time: approx 5 PM
Mood: Irritated

Still stuck at work. Release of some major CR's are under way. The testing has been succesful offshore. But the release notes are to be prepared and stuff. And I want to leave. The train is at 6 and I need to get into it. This trip to mysore is pretty important. There has been some kind of family tension at home and there has been a lot of tension in my life too. So I am hoping that this outing back home will put things in its place.
Me and sunil finally leave office at 545. Get home pick up his stuff, pick up my stuff and head to the bus stand.

Friday evening:
Time: approx 10 PM
Mood: Content

After a heavy meal, an amazing meal of amazingly cooked food, we settle down in front of the Telivision, something i dont have the luxuary of watching in bangalore. Have a casual chat with parents for an hour or so. Once they slept we headed up to our rooms. One smoke in the balcony of your Fathers house and you feel so beg. You feel so big.

Satarday morning
Time: approx 10 AM
Mood: Yawn!!!!

Lazily I wake up from bed. Its pretty common when I wake up and see a man sleeping next to me. Its not too uncommon in this busy world of IT. There are men eveywhere, work, play, food, drink, smoke. For Bangalore its raining men. So wake up the man for the night go down for a cup of coffee. Want to go for a drive but the car is not there. Mom out of the blue has got into a "social service" mode. She was born in some government hospital itseems, and now after 50 odd years she feels she has to give it back to the hospital. So she has gone to take care of the patients there, and my dad, like most men is out chauffering his wife. Wonder why they call it a male dominated society.
I take my Kienetic Honda and head to "mailari" so that sunil gets a dose of our Mysore dosas. After a sumptious set masala dose we head to the most visited place in Mysore, Manjus. They should make this place a tourist attraction I feel. Cos every JCite who visits Mysore after college has to set foot in this holy place. The coffees the teas and Manju, a great combination.

Satarday afternoon
Time: 2 PM approx
Mood: Yaaaaawn!!!!

Another heavy meal. Another amazingly cooked home meal. I want to sleep. But I have to take sunil around. So one a sunny satarday afternoon we head towards nowhere. And as usual, first stop Manjus. Next we head towards balmuri. Once small drive and we are there, on the banks of river kaveri. A beer here a smoke there and next moment we are all in the water (All meaning my sunil and a few of my other friends). After a relaxing bath we are back to pitstop manjus. Its almost 6 now, the sun is fading. Perfect time to go to greens. A coffee in Greens is the most relaxing thing to do any evening. Just sit there, legs close to your body, a hot sip of coffee, a dry drag of a cigarette and it feels like heaven. I wish I could do this more often.

Satarday evening
Time: 7 PM
Mood: Relaxed but nostalgic

The coffee in Greens had done something. Was not physically and mentally in the same time-space constant.
The drive to chamundi is one another amazing things that makes me reach the pinacle of happiness. The drive in the dark with just the lights of the car showing the way is just too good. And once we reach a certain height, looking at the lights of mysore is just an awsome view. Far away in the sky, the setting sun, dark clowds with a redish border, and lights of the city make the view breathtaking.
On the way down the hill, we stopped at nandi. Not some thing i have done often. So we went near nandi and there is a cave temple which is not too visited my common man. We went there. That was a nice experience too. That guy there, the baba gave us sugar crystals, with a twinkle in his eye. Wonder what he thougt we were high on ;-)

Satarday night
Time: approx 1030 PM
Mood: Pretty high

The hill was just too good. Not only nice at that instant of time, but the trip down memory lane was also amazing. We headed down to planet x to have a drink and dinner. And since we had time, we needed to kill it. The choice we had was go karting, play pool, bowling, video games or mini golf. We choose mini golf. One hell of a time we had. And just for the record, the score was sunil 3.5 and tejas 4. Succesful victory. To celebrate this, we headed to the restaurant. One taquila shot and a beer and we were "good to go". The drive back home was another thrilling experience. Once a man is a intoxicated state, especially intoxicated on alcohol and has a wheel to handle, it brings out a real man in him. Its like experiencing freedom at its peak

Sunday morning
Time: approx 11 AM
Mood: Happy

A game of snooker to finish off the almost perfect week end. And thats where we headed next. Sunil was a beginer in the game, and I was giving him my professional tips ;-) . As I sat down looking at him playing his shots, improving every second, i just felt that something was missing. Something was incomplete and .... and my phone rang. With a smile i take the call, the call seemed to complete the puzzle of life. The voice of someone who you long to talk to all the time calls you at the time of bliss is like "a stariway to heaven"

Sunday evening
Time: approx 7 PM
Mood: Lonely and tripping

A train journey is always trippy. More so if you are stuffed at the door and are looking out into the fading light. Its just as if life passes you by and you are looking at it as if looking at a movie. The movie of your life. The movie I watched on this day had a happy ending. It was a happy happy week end alltogether.

Monday morning
Time 930 AM
Mood: Yaaaaawn!!!!
The week end is gone. Over. Just a perfect week end. Its monday morning. I have to get back to work. I cant beleive i have given up so much of a life in mysore to get up and head in the traffic towards work. UFFFFFF

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