Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In the end, it does not even matter

In the end, it does not even matter

It is so difficult for me to read a book
So with great difficulty i find a book and start reading it with interest
"One night at the call center" by chethan bhagath
The reason i picked this book is firstly his first book "5 point someone" which was pretty good
Secondly for the reviews it got, the hype it got.
Also, being some 200 odd pages with large fonts (i think its Times New Roman - 12), i thought i could finish it pretty soon
Pretty soon i finished too.

The plot is fuckall but the characters are pretty personal as in easy to step into their shoes
Shaym a born looser, Vroom a typical call center freek, crazy about cars, Radhika - she seemed like that person from HP who got raped and killed :)
Esha, another call center freek with tight skirts or low waist trousers, Priyanka, a dream girl for our looser
And ofcourse there is military uncle, a total useless character who is eventually give the status of GOD

The story was readable upto about 22 chapters
Then it totally goes out of control, bollywood movie estyle
The introduction of GOD is so bad, you wished you spent time solving su-do-ku
The end is the worst... god, revenge and redumption..... god save the reader

If that was not enough, i saw Bluffmaster too on the same day
Cheap as i am, i happen to see it on a piarated CD.... camera print
I always wanted to see it, for more than one reasons
For abhishek bachan, cool as ever
Priyanka- looked super hot in the songs
Songs were kick ass

The movie is pretty funny all through
Nana is good and so is bomman irani
But the end sucked big time
Seemed like they wanted to copy trueman show in a way, but failed miserabally

But as Linkin Park say "in the end, it does not even matter"


Anonymous said...

Here comes the big question of either "means justify the end" or "end justifies the means".
I think the journey is more important than the destination. Of course we all know things have to end but not all's well that ends well rite !?

Anonymous said...

Came across ur blog jus a few days back. some posts of urs are really nice...very hilarious. Sakkath aagi barithira!
and btw Its not the truman show but the movie 'The Game' from which they have stolen the story :)