Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The End of an Era

Era is defined as a period of time marked by distinctive character, events, etc. So I am not too sure if "The end of an Era" is a suitable title for the blog. However, considering my life on a plate, it pretty much is the end of a period marked by distinctive character and events and etc ofcourse.

Sudhir Kumar Srinivasan is heading to the United States. Finally, I must add.

Sudhir Kumar Srinivasan known to people by more popular names. Most people call him Ski. My first memory of a conversation with this psycho was sometime in my first year. I had used some kannada slang to abuse him. He had freaked out. He had promised to get me killed that evening. That didnt happen I must admit. Its been 4 years of enigneering life and 3 years of staying together. I could go on writing paragraph after paragraph about this depressing soul; making it sound like an obituary. As a difference, I am going to put down a few words/phrases in his memory.
1. Gedde/Pappu/Ganda/Uncle/Gaandu/Yadav
2. Drunk menace
3. Spiritually Lost
4. Cheers Macha
5. Basically....
6. YD 125 - The Next Generation bike
7. Looooo
8. Mentalesh
9. Sri Sri Sri Sri....
10. Pal pal dil ke paaas
11. Bet adona??
12. Meow!!!
13. dv/dx
14. Yenne bitte!!!
15. Lo ond puff kodo...
16. CUTTTT agatte maga
17. Natural born sex maniac - Anything that moves; or not
18. underscore underscore
19. NASA (North American Sankathi Association)

All the best dude. Cheers. Take care madi... Love ya


Anonymous said...

Sudhir Kumar Srinivasan ge good luck! nima shena sada hasiru agi erali.

Madhavi said...

Good luck skii. where is he going to Tejas?

sudhirski said...

Thank you Teja for the wonderful write up and thank you anonymous and madhavi. Am writing this with tears in muh eyes...
Am off to do MS at ASU.