Friday, September 21, 2012

father of the nation

I switched on the TV after another hard days work. I have to work hard to earn my salary and be a good citizen and cough up for my country as tax up to 30% of my earnings – give back to my country for doing me a favor of keeping me here. I try not to waste time distracting myself by watching television, but some soaps, especially the ones that play out on Times Now, CNN IBN, NDTV 24X7 et all always seem to titillate my attention.

Today, they are playing some rare footage. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is addressing the nation. After serving the country as the prime minister, the head of all the affairs of the country for 8 long years, he is out there again, for the second time sitting motionless as always in front of the camera, wearing a fading blue turban and an even more fading monotonous voice and he is addressing us, the people of his country - the aam aadmi. The image is so depressing that even the tricolor on the left and Gandhiji on the right have bowed down in shame

He speaks for 15 boring minutes, defending the recent hike in Diesel and LPG. He fails to understand that today, if i go out for breakfast, I have to spend 20 rupees for a plate idli. For an idli! Come on. It is steamed rice - steam and rice that are just as abundant in our country as stupidity is or criminals are. 20 fucking rupees. Its not like I get to eat it with pleasure too - have to stand rubbing shoulder with millions young city dwellers like me who have forgotten to cook food at home. Is that our mistake? Or is it the policy of the government - so that we save LPG Consumption? I am not too  sure

He speaks like a father - addressing his son about a reduction on pocket money. He doesn’t understand my problems; neither does he care about them. He expects me to pay taxes on time like a good boy, follow unrealistic rules and not speak too much. For giving me the privilege of working long hours with horrible bosses, today when I have earned myself a car, he expects I pay 5 rupees more for diesel. He says - Things are bad and you are the one to suffer. Contribute to the nation. Money does not grow on trees. If you don’t pay, how will my ministers make money and drive SUVs with beacon lights?
We are all one big family oh brothers and sisters he says. He expects me to think that we are all one big family and he is the head - the father of our family – the father of the nation.  A depressing, incapable father of a depleting, disintegrating nation.

I wonder, if it makes MMS the father, does it make Sonia Gandhi the mother? Or step-mother? Or better still, Mother-in-law? She fits perfectly into a mother in law character I would say. She is always around, in your face, and you can’t stand the sight of her and looking for an opportunity to kill her. Not Sonia, mother-in-law.

In this big joke, the soap of India, in the big family of us Indians, the heir to the throne, the prince in waiting is the one to look forward to. Like they say, what you are seeing today is not the worst - the worst is yet to come - Picture abhi bhaki hain mere dost

I have it in writing today - The day Rahul Gandhi becomes Prime Minister of India, I will move out of my country - even to Pakistan if needed

PS: Facts may not be all true - feelings are.

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