Friday, February 25, 2005

Ek phool do maali

The following lines are purely fictitious and are not written with anyone dead or remotely alive in mind. Any resemblance to any person is absolutely a coincidence. Though these lines are not intended to cause any inconvenience to anyone, though if eventually something happens, it is regretted.

It was a strange kind of friendship we shared. Both of us in “love” as some would say with the same girl. Not only to make this complex story simple but also to emphasize on the first paragraph , I would not like to use names. I will henceforth for convenience be using pronouns. So the three most important people in the story will be “him” and “her” and “me”

As I told you, both of us were in love with “her”. For me it happened very much in a filmy istyle……. I was walking down the corridor in college and happened to bump into her. It’ll be nice if you could imagine this happening in super slow motion and since most of you are engineers I am sure its not difficult to imagine [imaginary numbers and all the crap related to them………c/o M1 M2 M3 M4 remember]. Her books fell off her hands and I bent down to pick them up for her and that’s when our eyes met and that one sight was enough to make me fall in love with her. It was not that we started staring at each other, it was more like a quick glance but that was enough to make me go crazy……. bonkers is the right word. Then what followed was the usual, sleepless nights, the sight of “her” in every female you come across and all, which I am sure all of you have experienced and if you haven’t, get a life bozo.

It was through a friend I came to know that I had competition in pursuit of what had now become my ultimate goal in life. The first thing that came out of my mouth when I heard this was …. “ I’ll kill that *** of a ***** ” though I regret having said that now. We happened to meet one day. Our first meeting was quiet an unpleasant one. He was with a group of friends, I was with mine and we exchanged angry stares at each other…… much like a bollywood film, only thing that prevented world war III was that we lacked was a few hockey sticks and a few cycle chains. But as time moved on…… as it was inevitable for us to meet each other since we were in the same college, we often met near the canteen. We started getting speaking to each other and in course of time had become real close friends. We started shareing our experiences with her. Now we started discussing “her” every time we met. The hatred never seemed to arise when we both talked. We seemed to be liking helping each other. Infact, between us we had so much information about her that we were in a position to write her biography [ which by the way we wanted to name as “Life of an Angel” cos both of us believed that she looked like Meg Ryan, the lead actress in a movie called “City of Angels”].

Both of us had even decided that we wouldn’t mind if she went for either of us but that’s where her choice ended………we didn’t want her to go for any one else. Not that either of us did a great deal of talking to her to let her know all this. And by now lot of people in college came to know about this and found it funny that both of us were friends. According to most of them, she wasn’t very good looking and they used a term which both of us refused to subscribe to. I thought that she was the cutest person in the world, and he said that anyone who was 10% as good looking as her was good enough for anyone.

Both of us had our own strong points and weak ones. He being a classmate of hers was a clear cut advantage for him. He had more chances of getting in touch with her. But I was a senior, and I have heard that girls like “men”. And on top of that I hadn’t had any other encounter with her except those glances at me [and now if I remember, I don’t think she even looked at me…….. I guess she abused me and went away]. But I knew a lot of her friends, which I thought was a way towards her [ and now if I look back…….i feel I shouldn’t have taken their help at all………. they in fact screwed up what ever that could have happened]

All of a sudden this story became very one sided. The two of them eventually ended up together but I would like to say that that happened only because of my absence. But from up here I feel happy for him cos I find her happy too. Up where you must be wondering………heaven I would like to say but hell it actually is. Damn the bike which led me to my death.

a. “love is not only blind, it is also deaf, dumb and stupid” great saying

b. “once you are dead, its difficult to see, of hear of speak” great saying

putting a and b together,

“fall in love and die” tejas krishnamoorthy


Anonymous said...

Dude!!!! cant deny the flavoring of bollywood and the amazing flow in your stories man... truly surely enjoyed reading this piece .

vb said...
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vb said...

guru !!! super style ma ... i loved the way the last few para were presented :D