Friday, June 20, 2008


Mission Statement:

We are an organization that is focusing on the ill effects of internet on personal lives of people and how internet stunts the growth and development of individuals into normal human beings. In the years to come, we as a group will get on to the streets spreading awareness of the ill effects of the internet and how internet is affecting a culturally strong country like India and in fact the rest of the world.

We are an organization are primarily focusing on the ill effects of money transactions and email/chat conversations over the internet. That is our primary objective and we are pitching ourselves with these two goals as priority in our overall disregard for internet.

We firmly beleive that humans are social beings and the lone difference between us and the rest of the living world is that we can, not just communicate and communicate effectively. With the advent of the internet, emails, chat clients, social networking websites and such, the whole way we communicate has changed. Gone are the days when you would go say hi to a friend across the table. One prefers to sent out send out a BUZZ!. One prefers to send out an e card wishing ones mum for mother’s day these days. Send out E flowers to their girlfriends and wives. We have become so bloody internet-ted that one wishes to express mood through ones status messages on chat clients. These forms of communication not only results in screwing up the normal development of the human brain, but also ends up making each one of a social misfit. A typical human, living in such conditions for a few years will hence not be able to respond to normal social occasions on a personal front. He/She will always look for a wrapper of the internet that they have always used to expose themselves to the outside world. A Second life some prefer to call it!!! This is wrong in the sense that the internet has deprived us humans of a quality of normal social behavior. We strongly oppose that.

Another thing that we as an organization are against is the use of internet to make financial transactions. These days, every transaction happens over the internet. Be it paying for a movie ticket which costs to a few hundred bucks, or be it transferring a few thousands to a friend in need, or be it a transaction of lakhs to pay the fees for some educational institution, every transaction happens over the internet. This no doubt increases the ease with which things happen, but the whole point of money, the efforts involved in earning it, and the pleasure involved in spending it is lost. Just think about it, has anyone of us seen a lakh of rupees in cash? Do we know the kind of feeling that so much non virtual money would generate? A feeling of happiness, richness, passion, fear and all that is much beyond the scope of imagination for most of us. All this thanks to internet. We strongly oppose this.

We are still a very small organization. As things stand we are just two of us involved. One is a not so famous celebrity with a few movies to his/her/its credit. Most of them movies are R rated though. He/She/It does not want to be mentioned as this organization grows, because he/she/it is a very modest individual and does not want his/her/its celebrity hood to come in the way of the growth of this organization. Another is me, a software engineer still trying to accept the goals and mission of our organization. We are looking for support in any form, people, ideas, cash, kind etc.

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In case you intend to financially support us, please e transfer your funds to the account number: 1379017

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