Monday, March 05, 2007

Statuary warning: "Smoking is relaxing"

In the 24 odd years of existance on this planet, as a social being, I have been asked tonnes of questions by tonnes of people. It some how fits into the scheme of things - Asking and answering questions.

Of the questions I have answered, over the last 5 years the most common question I have been quizzed with is, "Why do you smoke?"(and mostly this there is a tone which is associated with this, the same tone which is probabally used in a police introgation) One of the wierdest questions, and I have I guess tackled it with ease, answering it in a way it satisfies the person who asked the question in question. Anyway, most of them have been lies. How else do you think I can say whatever I am going to say in the following lines to every Tom, Dick or whoever.....

A cigarette has been my single most reliable companion for 5 years now. Every once in a while I feel that everyone feels a need to just unplug from life and spend a quiet moment alone. And it gets lonely out there on those unplugged outings. This is the time in life when the cigarette comes in. Its just there, with you, just sharing your misery, just not asking anything in return, not asking anything atall infact.

Once the cigarette is out of the pack and shoved between the lips is when the fun starts. Its a very strange comforting feeling when this peice of paper sits between the lips. Its just freedom re-incarnated. Before the actual process of lighting the cigarette, the instant a match is struck, the feeling of "AMEN! And there shall be light in your life" occurs. Once the fire hits the tip of your cigarette, the sound of burning fresh tobaccoo is very soothning to the ear. The first drag I think the best drag in a smoke. The smell of burning tobacco, the touch of the white smoke inside the lungs, the flavour of the tobacco on the tongue, the heat which touches you from within, all these gel up and gave a "out of the world" effect on the mind. Its just too relaxing.

So thats what I do. I smoke to relax. So stop asking me that....

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